Brigham and Women's Center for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

"My only complaint was that it was VERY noisy. I was woken up from a sound sleep many times due to professionals speaking to my roommate, turning on the room lights (not the individual light by a bed) and the noise in the halls. In my other hospital stays, at night people whisper… not the case here. Nursing staff was excellent with my care… and that is what is really important! "

David Lautz

"When I sought an alternative surgery site I asked for recommendations and then went to each hospitals web site. Dr. Lautz is the head of their bariatric program and I later found out he is also on the board for Mass bariatric surgeons. He has tremendous experience which is what I was looking for. I wanted someone who did this surgery so proficient he would be cocky. rnrnI first met Dr. Lautz at the question & answer session. I arrived a bit late due to Boston traffic (arrgh) and found him exactly how he was explained to me. Reserved, appearing shy but has a very dry sense of humor. During his presentation, people kept interrupting him with questions (which I got frustrated with although he did a great job at never showing his frustration...a positive) that were to be on the next slide. In fact one lady was asking the differences between lap and RNY and he asked her if she has an appointment to see a surgeon. She either was late or wasn’t listening to his introduction because she replied that she has an appointment with some doctor named Lautz in two weeks. He chuckled and said, \"I hear he is pretty good!\" rnrnMy appointment with him was rather quick. I found that they over book appointments so plan on being in his office for a bit, but once you meet with him he is all business. He went through my very thick file, thought I needed one more test then asked ME when I would like to have the surgery. When I explained my situation he said he would make it work and then asked me to follow him. He took me to his assistant and said what is the earliest appointment you can give her. When she said you have two on the 13th do you want another he took a deep breath, looked at me and said yes. rnrnMy pre-op appointment was a week before surgery and it too went smoothly. He went over the complications, asked if I had any questions and I was done.rnrnSurgery day - met me before the surgery to again ask if I had questions and if I was sure I wanted to do this... and then we were off. rnrnPost Op - My parents were very impressed with him after surgery. Although he was visibly tired, he stayed with them for about 10 minutes answering their questions and reassuring them I made it through ok. I highly recommend Dr. Lautz. rnrnSuggestions: Know your facts. Dr. Lautz will ask you if you have questions but wont give you lots of warm fuzzy talk time. Ask about pre-op (what you need to do, go over pre op diet with him and ask about your surgery time). rn"
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