Hello all my name is Becky and I am 33 years old. I am married with one child, who is 13. I like most people have been heavy most of my life. I hate how others look at me and I don't like what I see in the mirror. I want to be able to do things with my family. They are so active and for now I just sit on the side lines watching them. It took me many years to come to the decision to have surgery. It was a very hard for me to decide to do this. Now I feel like it is the right time for me.

I will update on my journey to this point a little later.

For now thanks to all the folks on this website for giving so much info to others.

Dec. 1,2004

Okay yesturday I found out my surgery date changed, now it is Jan. 25. This is one day earlier which is good for me. Thanks to all that have sent me messages you are all so nice!!


Dec. 14, 2004

Here is what has happened to me in getting to my surgery date.

I went to my Primary doctor on Oct. 8 & got my referral. for Dr. Leport's office. I called my insurance & found out on Oct. 21 that the approval was given on Oct. 18. I then got my appt. for the New Patient Class which was on Nov. 4. My insurance said 7-10 days wait for the approval. I called my insurance company & they told me they needed full body nude photos. I couldn't believe that they needed full body photos for WLS. I talked with a lady at Dr. Leport's office & between her calling and me calling ( this took several days) my insurance company, I found out that I was approved for surgery. I was so excited! I also found out that I would have to go to another hospital but have the same doctor, which was good. The doctors office called me on Nov. 23 and gave me my surgery date, Jan. 26, 2005. Then I get a call and the date has changed to Jan. 25. I also got my doctor's talk appt. & my one on one appt. with the doctor. I have also gotten my dates for all my testing & all the other appts. I need.

This has definately been an experience just to get to this point in getting approval for surgery. I still can't believe that they wanted full body nude photos for gastric bypass. I could understand if it was for plastic surgery on a certain part of the body. But at least I didn't have to give any photos.

I am so excited & nervous at the same time. My husband is having a hard time dealing with the WLS. He has told me that he will always be there for me, but he still doesn't want me to have the surgery.

I know that I have made the right choice for me & that I have to take this chance that I have been given.

I am constantly thinking about WLS & what I will be like during and after surgery. I am at the point where this surgery is all I can think about, it is like 24,7. I am so thankful for a lady that I have met, Christie G. She has been so helpful and understanding.

Christie, Thanks for being my friend & being there to talk to. It is so nice to have someone near who understands. I feel so lucky to have met people that have been through WLS and have given me so much info.

Okay that is it up to this point. I have some appts. next week and I will tell you all what happened at them.


Dec. 16, 2004

Well today is my husband's birthday and it has been a great day. I am having a good day today which is good. I reconnected with a friend that I had met when we lived in California before, about 5 years ago. I am still thinking about WLS all the time. I have read that this is so normal, to think about WLS all the time before you have surgery. I know that once Christmas comes and then New years is over then I will be in my month for surgery. I am so excited!!!! I am nervous as well!


Dec. 22, 2004

Well today had to have been the worst day for me in a long time. My husband just blew up at me over me having this surgery. And after this I had my Psch. evaluation and also my nutrition class. Why can't he just be there for me??? He thinks he can talk me out of having surgery but I keep telling him that I have my mind made up.

Okay what to do about helping him come to terms with this????? I guess that I will figure it out.


Dec. 29, 2004

I just had to write and say that I am so grateful for all the folks here on this website. I posted a question and had many responses. This is so nice to have this support.

As for my husband he is trying to deal with this surgery. He did ask what kinds of foods and stuff I needed after surgery. He said that we needed to make sure that we have everything I need to have at home before I have my surgery. I am grateful that he is asking, that is something right??

I am still feeling excited but nervous. I feel as if this is how I will be until I have my surgery. I have so many things going through my head. I think of the bad things that can happen with the surgery but then I think of all the good things that could happen as well. After reading alot of profiles on this site I know that what I am feeling is normal.


Christmas was a good one for me and my family. I think my husband wanted it to be good. I think he thought that it may be my last so he wanted it to be good. Now this is just what I think that he was thinking. Sounds confusing doesn't it?? Anyway there is a long road ahead of us and I for one am so ready!!!

Thanks to all the Obesityhelp folks, I am so lucky to have you!


Jan. 1, 2005 (Just Minutes After The New Year Came In)

I just wanted to write about how I am feeling in this new year. My husband, my son and I went out back of our house and saw fireworks people were setting off. It was so nice to be with my 2 guys and my dog. We stayed there for a few minutes to bring in the new year. After we went back inside I decided to go back out. I was standing there looking at the Harbor and I got this excited feeling inside me. I thought, this is my brand new year. This is my year to start again. This was the best feeling. I can't say how much I am so ready for WLS. I know that I am doing this for me and no one else. Okay now only 24 more days until my surgery, YEAH!!! Just now I got that little flop in my stomach, you know the one where you are excited but nervous at the same time. Kinda like when you are on a Roller Coaster.

Well off to bed.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!


Jan. 9, 2005

Okay I need to back up and write about Jan. 3, when I had my lab work done.

I first had to pee in a cup, then I had the gallbladder ultrasound. Next I had to change into a gown and have my chest x-ray done, then my upper GI. That stuff I had to drink was yucky!!! Then I changed back into my clothes. Next I had to go to Pre-registration and feel out some paperwork. Next I had to have an EKG done along with some blood work. Next I had the ABG test done ( the guy said that some people don't like this test but he must have known what he was doing because it wasn't bad).

I then went to Smart Dimensions and filled out some paperwork. It was a long morning but I was done by lunch.

I also had my medical clearance appt. with my primary doctor on Jan. 5. She went over all the results from my lab work done on Monday. Most things were normal. Except she told me that my liver was enlarged. She said this was because of all the fat and that the fat had attached to my liver. I will tell you that this scared me!! She said that losing weight would definately help. So I kept thinking is Jan. 25 getting here soon, ha ha! I also found out that my thyroid was a little high but she said not to worry. I was told I could get on medication and get it under control. She said that with the thyroid that I would loose faster on medication but that it alone, without WLS, wouldn't help me loose what I need to.

Okay now it is just hurry up and wait!!!!!!!! I am so not good at this!!

My next appt. is the one on one with Dr. Ali on Jan. 18 so I will update after that. Well unless anything else happens before that, Ha ha!


Jan. 16, 2005

Well I am so excited!!! I am in the single digits now, only 9 more days!!!!! I have my one on one with the Doctor on Tuesday and this is the last appt. that I have until my surgery.

9 more days!!!


Jan. 21, 2005

Okay I had to write and put down what happened at my One On One with Dr. Ali. My appt. was on Tuesday and I was somewhat nervous. My husband and my son went with me. I had a list of questions, well it was 4 1/2 pages typed. I had left some space in between each question so that I could write down his responses. I think he was very shocked at the amount of questions I had. He might have been shocked but it didn't seem like it bothered him to have to answer all of my questions. I had not met him until then and I really liked him!!! I am glad that I picked him to be my surgeon.

Now I am down to only 4 more days until my surgery!!! I am excited and so so nervous!!!!! My husband is still not for this but he still says that he will be here to support me. He started his leave today for 2 weeks to be with me. I am glad to have some time to spend with my family this weekend.

Okay not to much longer!!!!


Jan. 29, 2005

I just wanted to update about my surgery. I did have surgery on Jan. 25 at about 7:30 a.m. It went smoothly. When I got to my room I felt kind of out of it. I was so pleased to see my husband!!! I was so scared and excited.

Wednesday, Jan. 26, I was up and about alot more than I was the day before. My night nurse was great!!! The others were something else. I had to push the call button twice and still waited for over an hour for them to come and turn off my beeping IV. The IV had run out. Anytime I called they seemed to take forever to get to me. So I wasn't pleased with this situation but there wasn't much I could do about it. Today my mouth was so dry, very dry. They told me I would be starting liquids on Thursday. I had Christie, my angel, come and visit with me today!! My husband was at the hospital as much as he could be. He had to take our son to school and then come to the hospital and then go pick him up and bring him to the hospital. Then they would visit for a while and then go home.

Thursday, Jan. 27, Today they took my IV out and I started liquids. That was wonderful for about the first hour and then it was hard to keep up the drinking. Today Laura G. got to go home, she had her surgery a day before me. It was nice to know someone in the same hospital. Today Christie came to visit again, I am grateful for her!! I was also having a hard time with my family leaving this night. I started crying because I wanted them to stay. I don't know what came over me. I did become better once they left but I really did miss them.

Friday, Today they told me I could go home if I wanted and believe me I wanted to!! I had been up walking the halls as much as I could. They took the drain tube out today, it hurt alittle, then I was able to take a shower. That was great!! We waited until my hair was dry before we left the hospital. It was a great feeling to be in my car heading home. My husband seemed a bit nervous about me coming home, I think he was just scared. I was so happy to be home!! I was worried that I would have to sleep in the recliner but I tried my bed first. My husband had piled a bunch of pillows on the bed for me and this worked. I took some of my pain medicine, one tsp(every four hours as needed). I feel asleep and then woke up about 4 hours later and told my husband that I needed some more medicine. After this dose I could lay on my left side and the was nice. I was actually able to hold onto my husband and this was the best feeling.

Saturday, Jan. 29, I woke up about 6 a.m. I started drinking Crystal Light and then next was my protein shake and then water and then water. That is where I am at today. My son has walked with me every hour around our culd-u-sac. We make it two times around.

Okay that is quite a bit of info. I will update more later!!!


Feb. 10, 2005

I went to my 2 week Doctor appt. on Tuesday, Feb. 8. I saw the PA and he said that my incision looked great. I had lost 18 lbs since the day of surgery and 21 lbs since the day before surgery. I am excited about this. He said that I could start puree foods next Tuesday. I had several questions for him and he answered them all. He also told me that I can drive now which is great!! I am so tired of being stuck at home.

There is also other things going on. Emotionally I am a basket case sometimes. At times I am happy and other times I just cry for no reason. I know that this is normal but at times it is very hard. I hope that this passes quickly.

I am feeling really good now. I can sleep on both of my sides at night. I get tired when we do venture out shopping. I know that I need to try to get more calories in so that I won't be so tired. It is hard to get everything in but I am getting in the 64 oz of water and I am also getting in 45-46 grams of protein in a day. I am going to try to do another half a shake to get more calories and more protein in.

Okay that is all for now!


March 9, 2005

Another update on me:

I went to my 6 week check up yesturday and the PA told me that I am doing great!! I am excited and nervous to start Stage 3 of my program. I have been careful of what I eat and now I get to add more and I am nervous. I have lost 31 pounds so far and I am very excited about that!! I started out at 271 (my scale without clothing) and 276 ( Doctor's scale with clothing and shoes). As of yesturday I weighed 240 and my clothes are really loose now where as before they were really tight. I have a friend who had WLS and she is giving me all her clothes with has helped me out more than she will ever know, Thanks Christie!!

I also got the go from the PA to lift over 4 pounds, YEAH!!!! Now I can lift my dog who is 10 1/2 pounds. I also get to do housework again and I am glad for that, isn't that weird that I say that, ha ha! I asked the PA if I could ride Rollercoasters and she said yes! I can't wait to take my 13 year old to a theme park and ride ride ride! I hope that I will be able to fit now. I will have to take my water and some good WLS snacks to make it through the day. That is the thing with this surgery you really have to plan ahead before you go anywhere. I am okay with that because after I get used to it it should just be second nature.

Okay enough for now, please take care!!


March 18, 2005

Today I went through all of my clothes in my closet to see what fit and what didn't. Well most of my clothes don't fit, they are to big. This is very exciting but yet sad in a way. Some of the clothes that are to big now are and were my confort clothes and in a way I am attached to them. What a mixed feeling I have in getting rid of them. Most of the clothes I have left in my closet are from my friend Christie G. Some of the clothes I missed wearing because I didn't check often enough. Who would have thought that 34 pounds would make that much difference??? I know that I have lost alot in my legs which is strange but welcomed! Next Friday I will hit my 2 month mark and I can't wait to see where I am on the scale and also how many more inches I have lost.

Okay I guess happy yet sad day for me in the clothes department.


March 29, 2005

Well today I hit my 9 week mark. As of today I have lost 38.5 pounds and I am so pleased with this!! It is amazing how this journey is going. Sometimes have been so hard but the weight loss has been so good. My closet is mostly full of clothes that my friend gave me. Most of all the clothes that were mine are gone forever. The thing is that you just don't know what the next day will bring. I wouldn't have changed having this surgery because I know that it saved my life.

Also today my BMI is 39.9 which means that I am now Severely Obese instead of Morbidly Obese. YEAH!!!!

Okay enough for now.


April 5, 2005

Well today is a great day!! Today is my son's Birthday and he turned 14. He was so excited with his presents. I just can't believe that it has been 14 years since he was born. Time just flies by.

Today I am 10 weeks out and I weigh 228 pounds. That means that I have lost a total of 43 pounds since my surgery. I am so excited about this!!!! Also the funny thing is that I weigh 1 pound more than I did when I had my son 14 years ago today. It is weird to think about it that way.

Oh well just wanted to update!


April 25, 2005

Today is my 3 month anniversary!! As of today I have lost 49.5 pounds and a total of 28 1/4 inches. I am so excited about this!!! I feel so much better about myself already. I can do so many more things than I could just 3 months ago.

It has definately been a journey so far but I wouldn't change a thing. There are so many emotional days and it is hard because I have to deal with how I am feeling where as before I would just fix it by eating. I am not craving anything and I have only been hungry a few times. The water really keeps me full. I get in 75 oz. everyday. I would like to try to get more in but that is good for me for now.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the difference but then most of the time I see the old me. I wonder if my head will catch up and stay where it can see the differences. Hopefully it will!

Also I didn't post but on April 20 I turned 34!!!! This is such a great start for me from age 34 on!

Okay enough from me for now!


April 28, 2005

Okay first I have to say that today is a Happy/Sad day for me. My brother, who passed away 3 1/2 years ago, would have been 35 today. I am sad that he is not here but I know that he is in a better place. I know that he knows that I love and miss him very much!!

Now for the Happy news that happened yesturday:

Okay I had to post about what happened yesturday. I took my son, who is 14, to Universal Studios yesturday after school. One thing that happened is that when we went through the turn table things to enter, my son went first and then he turned to me and said, "Mom you didn't have to turn sideways to go through it." I was like OMG I didn't!! I was so excited!!!!!! Next I was able to walk around so much better. He was walking really fast and I was mostly keeping up with him.

Also we went on the Jurassic Park ride and while we were in line I could hear this couple behind us talking. I heard the wife ask her husband if he thought that she would fit on this ride, He told her yes. I was thinking that this is always what went through my mind when we went to ride rides before. Well we got on the ride and there was a lap bar for all 4 of us to share. We pulled the bar down and it stopped on her belly. I felt so bad for her because she kept trying to pull it into her belly. My son had losts of room infront of him and I noticed that I had alot as well. I felt so bad for her but so happy for myself!!!!!

Next we rode the Mummy ride and when we got on my bar, for my seat, was only alittle bit above my sons!!!!!!!! I was so excited!!! My son told my husband this when we got home. I also told him about the lady on the Jurassic Park ride and how I felt so bad for her because I knew exactly how she felt.

Okay thanks for listening/reading my long post!!!!


May 27, 2005


Okay I haven't updated in awhile. Well I am now 4 months out and I am doing great! I am down a total of 63 pounds and I couldn't be happier. I have noticed that I have been working out extra hard these past few weeks so I am toning it down alittle. I noticed that I was very tired and that I was actually hungry and having to have a snack in the afternoon. I just can't believe how I have changed in such a short time. Now I just can't wait to get into the Onederfuls!! Hopefully not to much longer.

Okay I am also putting in some of my 4 month pics.

Thanks for reading!!


June 19, 2005

Oh my goodness it has been awhile again since I updated!! I guess I am just out living life now, ha ha!

Okay I had to write because I had a friend, form the DC area come and visit me. She was so shocked at how I looked now compared to a year ago when I saw her last. It was great to see her again. Her and I went on a Cruise together to Catalina and then to Ensenada Mexico. We had a great time!!! This is the first time I wasn't so obsessed about how big I was. It was also weird because they had lots of food but I ate what I was suppose to and the amounts I was suppose to. I had taken bottled water, protein bars & Soy crips with me to have throughout the days when we were on our excursions. It worked out well. We both had never been on a cruise before but it was very nice and we want to take our families next time. We went on the Paridise ship from Carnival Cruise Lines. I would definately recommend them. We only took the elevators 2-3 times the whole 4 days. We walked the stairs. I felt like I got a workout everyday. I did make it to the gym on board one morning. I had weighed last Monday, my usual weigh in days are Tuesdays, and then I weighed yesturday and I had lost 3 pounds while on the cruise!!! YEAH!!! It was even that time of the month!! I hope that it stays off until I weigh again on Tuesday. We will see.

Also I felt so free on this cruise. I have only told a few people that I know that I had this surgery. Well at our second dinner one of the ladies that was sitting with us had kept starring at me and I finally spoke up and said that I had had a Gastric Bypass and that I have to eat slowly. I then told a group of ladies, we were in a detox your body seminar, that I had had this surgery and one lady asked a couple of questions. It felt so good to just be able to say it and not worry about what they were going to say to me. It was freeing!! Now if I could only be that way at home with neighbors and others!! Well actually I did tell a neighbor yesturday because she saw me outside and was like OMG you are looking great what are you doing. I told her what I did and she was shocked but supportive, I guess.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well!!


June 21, 2005

Okay today was my weigh in day and I am at 200.5. I am hoping by my 5 month weigh in day, the 25th, that I will be in the Onederfuls!! I really am glad to lose more than a half a pound or so like these last few weeks. I guess I should go on vacation more often, ha ha!!


July 6, 2005

Hello everyone! Okay so I am not good at updating. Now I know why I couldn't keep a written journal. I am so bad at taking the time to write down what I am feeling.

Life has been so good and yet so bad at times since I had surgery. My emotions have been all over the place. Some days I am great and then others I just don't feel up to anything. I knew this was going to happen but as they say you can never prepare yourself. If it wasn't for my friend Christie G. I just don't know what I would have done. That is my advice for anyone that wants to have this surgery, have a friend that has went through it as well. She has saved my sanity many times. It is also nice to hang out with someone that understands why I eat so slow.

I won't keep this on the negative because that is certainly not how I feel right now. I really do feel so much better about myself although I still see the old me in the mirror most of the time. Hopefully my head will catch up with the mirror. I see how I am more out spoken than I was before. I guess I am tired of taking crap from others and now I am not going to. I guess I feel as if they can't make fun of me for being fat so I might as well tell them what I think. This is a great feeling most of the time.

Also I made it to the ONEDERFULS!!! I made it on my 5 month date, June 25. It felt so great to be out of the 200's. I haven't weighed this in 11 years. My 30's is already better than my 20's, because I feel better about myself and I can do so much more.

My husband went on a walk with me this past Monday. This is the first time he has worked out with me since I had my surgery. He kept telling me how proud he was of me because of how far I could go and also making it up the two hills he took me on. It is great to also see how far he has come on his feeling of me having WLS. He was so against it before but now I know that he is happy that I did it. He has been so supportive since my surgery.

Okay there is some long update on how I am feeling.


July 23, 2005

Okay I need to post about this past Monday, July 18.

My shopping experience on Monday. I went shopping for a new bra and a new outfit with my friend, Christie G. We went to Old Navy and guess what????? I got to shop in the regular section!!!! I bought 2 new capri's, SIZE 16, 2 new tops( size XL) and a Blue Jean jacke(SIZE XL).

We went to Victoria Secret to buy a new bra. We wanted to get the new APEX bra but they didn't have our size so we bought another kind from there. Wow my chest is where it is suppose to be, HA HA!!

We also went to Target and I bought a new pair of workout pants, size XL.

Everything was on sale except the Blue Jean Jacket and the Bra. I was so excited and had the best time. I actually liked trying on clothes!!! I can't wait until I get to goal and then I will be able to shop for clothes that will last longer than a few weeks to a month!!

This was one of the best days. I had so much fun!! Thanks for shopping with me Christie!!!


Okay now for what happened yesturday, July 22.

I went to meet with a friend that I hadn't seen in 6 years. We lived here in CA 6 years ago and we have been back a year. Her and I have been trying to get together for awhile now but it just never worked out. Well when she saw me she was like you haven't gained weight since I saw you last you have lost weight. You look great she said. I told her that I really changed my eating habits and I work out 5 days a week at the gym. She was like okay. Well we met for breakfast and I was nervous about eating infront of her. I don't want to tell her about the WLS. Well I ordered one egg, wheat toast and bacon. I knew I had to tell her something as to why I would be eating slow so this is what I told her. I told her that I now eat differently because I take a bite about every 5-10 min. She asked why. I told her that it was because when you eat slower you can digest it better and it also makes you feel like you are fuller faster. She was like okay but I don't really know if she bought what I said. Well what I said was somewhat true. I told her that I really try to get protein in. When we went back to her house we talked alittle while so I needed to eat something. I took out my South Beach Diet Bar. I think she might think that I am on the South Beach Diet, ha ha!!! These bars are the best!!!! I love them.

Anyway thanks for reading my long post!! Also today my In-Laws come to visit and they haven't seen me in a year. I am nervous about seeing them. I really don't like to be the center of attention and having people looking at me. Oh well I will post later to tell how it went.


August 27, 2005

Well it has been awhile since I posted last!! I know I am bad. Well the visit with my In-laws went great. They thought I looked good and they didn't stare at me, which I liked. While they were here, the end of July through the first week in Aug., we moved to a new place that is about 40 min. away. We wanted to be closer to my husband's work and my son's school. They helped us move and believe you me we couldn't have done it without them!! I didn't make it to the gym while we were moving but that is okay because I got a great workout moving things. We have alot of crap we need to get rid of.

The first day of the move was July 25, my 6 month anniversary since surgery. I didn't get to take pictures because we were just to busy and to tired. I also didn't get to go to my 6 month check up with my surgeon because the Military clinic here didn't put my referral in. It was a fight to get it taken care of and my new appt. was made for Aug. 25. I am doing well with the weightloss and I am actually beginning to run for like the first time in many years!! I started running at the gym on the treadmill and started running about 4 min. a day. I worked up to running a mile. I first started at 13 min. now I am up to 11 min. 8 seconds for a mile. I am very excited about this. I would love to run a 3K or maybe even a 5K with my husband one day. Him and I are in a slight competition about weight. He is only about 5 pounds below me. He has always weighed less than me and it is kind of game with us now. He tells me he needs to get in better shape. It is funny, I tell him to eat whatever he wants, ha ha!!!

Okay now for my doctor's appt. This was 7 months since surgery even though it was my 6 month check up. I went on Thursday, Aug. 25, and I got to see my surgeon for the first time since surgery. Usually I see a PA for all of my other visits. He tells me that I look great and asks how I feel. I tell him that I feel great and I feel like I have my life back. I am down 92 pounds in 7 months. He told me to keep up the good work. I thanked him and he told me that he only gave me the tool and I am the one that is and has to make it work. He made me feel good about how I have done in this WLS process. I also asked him about my food intake. I have a friend that had surgery with him as well about 5 months before me. On her 6 month check up they, the PA's, told her that she needed to increase her food from 1/2 cup to a cup. So I asked the surgeon about this and he said that I shouldn't increase my food because it will just stretch my pouch and that I am fine where I am. He said that if I want to eat a cup of food, soft foods, then it would just take me longer to eat. He said as long as I am getting in at least 50 grams of protein there is no need for me to increase my food. I told him I get in between 50-60 a day and he told me I was fine. I told him I am also getting in between 80-100 oz. of water a day and he said that was fine.

Okay so that is the long update on me!! I will post my 7 month pic at the bottom of my profile.


August 31, 2005

I just had to post about going to Six Flags yesturday. Well first of all yesturday was week 31 for me and I am down 94 pounds!!!! I weigh 177!!

Okay now for Six Flags. I took my son and a friend of his, she was very nice. Anyway we were going to ride as much as we could. I rode everything they did except the water rides because I didn't want to get wet. We had a great time!! I had went once already, a few months after this surgery. I had no trouble fitting in seats then but this time I had even more room!! Yesturday was the first time in many many years that I didn't even give a thought to not being able to fit in any of the seats. I guess it was because I went a few months ago and didn't have any problems fitting then. It was a good day!! It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there and only 1 hour to get back, I was so glad traffic was flowing very good on the way home because I was so tired!! Ha ha!!

I was also noticing yesturday how many overweight people there were at the park. I also noticed that most of those people should not be wearing what they are. When I was heavier I would never wear something that would let my belly hang out. Maybe I am just not like everyone else.

I also was thinking of how grateful I am for having WLS. I am so thankful to my surgeon for doing the surgery and also thankful to my insurance company for allowing me to have WLS. I complain about my insurance, TRI-WEST, but for this I am truely grateful!! I feel as if I have my life back and I can enjoy lots of things now that I couldn' before when I was bigger. I say many times that I feel like I have my life back but it is so true and it becomes more true with every pound gone. I would do this surgery over in a heart beat!! I only wish that I had done it a long time before.

Don't get me wrong this has been a very hard journey at times but the good definately out weighs the bad. I sometimes almost feel as if I am "normal" when I am around others. This is a good feeling!! I also have had a great support system with my family and friends. I really couldn't have done this without them!!! So thanks to everyone that has been there for me!!!! My husband has truely been there for me, even though it was really rocky before surgery. He was totally against me having this surgery. I had a friend, that had WLS, talk to him. They talked for several hours the Friday before my surgery on Tuesday and ever since then he has been 100% supportive of me doing this surgery. So honey if you ever read this, I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU for being by my side!!!!

Okay I have gone on enough for now!!


Sept. 14, 2005

Okay today I am officially "Overweight"!!!! Goodbye "Obese"!!!! I am down 98 pounds as of today. I am only 2 pounds from the 100 pound mark!!

This Friday I am flying from CA to DC to visit a friend. I am so excited about flying. Last year when I flew from Germany to the States my seatbelt barely fit. I made it fit because I didn't want to ask for an extension. That was hard on my belly because it was so tight. Well this flight will be so different!! I can't wait!! I think I will have someone take my picture in my seat, ha ha!!

I am off to go to the gym!!


Sept. 25, 2005

I am now a member of the Century Club!!!! I have lost a total of 100.5 pounds as of today, my 8 month date. I am so excited that I just can't stand it!!

I am also out of town visiting my family and friends. They all hadn't seen me since I had my surgery. They were all shocked at how I looked now. Is was good to see everyone.

More later!


October, 11, 2005

Okay I am trying not to get to upset about this second 1 pound gain in 2 weeks. That is a total of 2 pounds gained. I am going to try to change around my food. I am getting in 96-100 oz of water a day and my work outs are good. So that leaves my food that I need to change. I was talking to a friend, she had WLS last August, and we came up with that maybe I am not getting in enough calories. With the workouts I do I burn between 700-800 calories. So if I get in 1000-1100 calories then I am living off of 300-400 calories a day. I work out 3-5 times a week. Maybe my body is like hey I am starving here!

Okay I just typed alot of info and then I hit a key on my computer and wiped it all out!!!!!!

Now to try to remember what I had typed already.

I really want to say that other than the gain I am very happy with my life now. I can do so much more now than before. I feel 100% better now.

Now for another update other than the gain.

A few weeks ago I flew to DC from CA to visit with a friend and my family. The last time I flew was a year ago and the seat belt was so tight, I refused to ask for an extension. Well this time I had plenty of seat belt left!!! I was so excited! I was even able to cross my legs while in my seat. I could reach down to get stuff out of my back without any trouble. It was great!!!

My friend thought that I looked good!

I also saw my mom and dad for the first time since I had surgery. My mom was surprised and asked me where the other half of me was!! It was good to see them and to see their reactions to the New me. I also saw another friend for the first time since surgery. I think she was surprised.

There were others that I saw for the first time since WLS and I think they were shocked as well. I also took my scales with me because I had two weighins and a month weigh in. My husband thought that I was nuts but I did it anyway, ha ha!!!

Okay one last thing, I promise!!! I registered for a College Course today, with a friend. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. It has been a long time since I was in school. I figured I will start with one class and then in the Spring go full force.


October 18, 2005

Okay I had to write and tell that my weight gain is over(for now I hope!). I am again losing!! Today was my 38th week weigh in and I am now down 103.5 pounds. I am only 7.5 pounds from goal!!! I will tell you that I was really worried about gaining 2 pounds in two weeks. Although I know that we will go up and down about 5 pounds or so. I did cut down my workouts and didn't work out quite as hard. I think my body was in shock as to how much I was working out. I also am over my period so I know that helped as well. This month I just really was very bloated. I also increased my calories about 100-150.

Okay now off to enjoy the rainy day here in CA!!


October 27, 2005

I just had to post and tell that my son,he is 14, and I went Ice Skating last Saturday. I have only been like twice in my life and my son had never been at all. Although he does play indoor roller hockey. He was like a natural and I hugged the wall for the first 2 or 3 rounds. I was so nervous because I didn't want to fall. I thought to myself that I didn't have the padding on the back side like I used to. Ha ha!!

I guess I skated about 30 minutes and I was done. Needless to say my son did way many more laps than me!! It was very weird to skate without all the weight. It was hard to balance the new me. I did feel as if people weren't looking at how fat I was, just at how bad a skater I was. That was a good feeling to have the focus taken off of my weight.

The other good thing is that I didn't fall!!!

We had a great time and we will be going again. My son wants to transition from roller hockey to ice hockey.


November 1, 2005

Well today I am at 40 weeks since surgery and I am down 105 pounds. I am so excited because I am only 6 pounds from my surgeons goal of 160. It is so amazing how this journey has been for me. I have my good and bad days but overall I am the happiest that I have been in years. I am doing things I wouldn't have before surgery. One of the things I am doing is going back to school. It has only been about 15 years since I went to college, ha ha!! Only 15!! That is so funny to write. I am taking one class and it is a fast track class that lasts 9 weeks. I am taking Sociology and it is interesting so far. We have a chapter test every class and we meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I was so nervous the first day and even more the second because we had a test in class that day. I don't do well on tests but I did make a B on the test. I had always worried about going back to school and knew that I couldn't have even fit into the seats. Now I know that I can fit and I don't have to worry about people looking at me because I am so big. It is a good feeling I must say to not worry about things like that. Now I only have to worry about being one of the older people there, ha ha!! Now I need to go study for the next test today.

I also want to thank all of those folks that have truely been there for me, I am sorry if I forgot anyone. My husband, Terrance, although it was a rocky beginning at the start of my journey of WLS you have been truely the best since, Love you!! Timothy, my son, thanks for helping me out and being there for me, I love you! Next is Christie G., my friend and WLS buddy, you just will never know how much you have done for me and I feel as if I can't thank you enough!!!! So Christie Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You have been a true friend!!! I also want to thank my family(my mom & dad, Terrance's mom & dad) you all have been so great about me having WLS and have been so supportive, I love you all!!!! Next are my friends Kim B., Patti, Desiree & Kim R., you all have been so supportive of me during this time and I am so grateful to have true friends like you all!! Thank you!!!

Okay now I feel better! Even if these folks don't read my profile that is alright.

Okay off to study now!!


November 30, 2005

Okay here goes an update:

On November 25 was my 10 month since surgery and I made my Dr.'s Goal of 160!!!!!! I was so excited!!!! I think I would like to get to 150 but really maybe 145 so that my BMI would be normal. We will just have to see!! I am feeling and looking great, even if I do say so myself, ha ha! I feel so normal now and I don't feel as if people stare at me because of my weight. It has been such a journey these last 10 months. I wouldn't change a thing!!

Also my husband and I got a New "used" car to share. We got a 2004 Z-06 Corvette. It is beautiful! It is yellow and we love it! I feel that since I have lost the weight that I can fit in this car now. Before we wouldn't have even gotten this car because I wouldn't have felt comfortable, if I could have even fit. My husband has a Miata already and I didn't like riding in that car because I was so tight in it. Well no more!!!! I have plenty of room in both of those cars. People who have never had a weight problem just wouldn't understand the pleasure that you can get from just being able to fit into a car. It is the little things that make such a difference.

Okay enough from me for now!!


December, 15, 2005

I haven't posted about this yet but here goes:

I had a sleep study done back in November and I got the results back and I have Sleep Apnea. It is funny that I was never tested for this before WLS. Anyway I have it and I also received my CPAP machine that I sleep with everynight. I have been on the machine for alittle over a week now and I am starting to get adjusted to it. I had really bad headaches in the mornings before and I still have had a few since I started the CPAP machine. The doctor said to give it some time and it will get better. It is really strange to have a hose connected to my nose all night long. It has been an adjustment but I will do what I have to. People say this journey is the "easy way out" and they truely don't understand what most of us go through. Although I am one of the "lucky" ones when it comes to having complications after WLS. Sleep Apnea and some problems with my knee( because I have been running, yes I said running!! LOL) are the only things that I have had to deal with as complications. Really the Sleep Apnea isn't a complication of WLS it can just happen to anybody.

Okay just wanted to post about this. Things have been so hectic around here with school and the Holidays. It is good to be back in school though!!! I even registered for my spring classes already. I am so excited about doing this for myself. I know that having had WLS has helped me gain my confidence back and it is so great!! Well maybe to much confidence is a bad thing, ha ha!!


Dec. 21, 2005

Well this time last year we were all getting ready(the January folks) for our surgeries in Jan. It is so hard to believe that on Sunday, Dec. 25, I will be 11 months out. I remember this time last year on Christmas Day thinking that I only had one more month to start my new life. It has been such a ride with good and bad days. I am so happy with where I am at right now with my weightloss, down 115.5 pounds.

What a difference 11 months makes!


Dec. 27. 2005

Well today is a hard day for me. I am now 48 weeks out and I have had a 3 pound gain in a week. I did start my period this past Saturday and have been spotting for days before that. My period has been really messed up these last few months. I am really bloated today. I am trying to not let this gain get to me because it is probably water gain from my period. Hopefully next week it will be right back off again. This is such an emotional roller coaster. One day you are up and the next you are down. It is hard to deal with a gain but that is part of life and it is within the 5 pound gain that "normal" people usually deal with. Besides the bloating my clothes fit the same. I know that it will be okay but it is hard to see the scale go up that much. I know that it will be fine but I am such a worry wart. This isn't easy to deal with!!! I have had a few goodies, sugar cookie and some chex mix, but only one cookie a day for 4 days and a few bites of the chex mix. I know this isn't enough for this gain. I will not weigh again until next Tuesday at Week 49. I am below my surgeons goal still but I really want to make my personal goal of 150 by my 1 year. That means I need to loose 8.5 pounds in a month. I just don't know if that is possible in a month at this point but who knows it might happen.

Well that is how I feel today!!

Just wanted to write it down, not like I will forget this gain,LOL!


January 25, 2006

Hello everyone,

Well here I am 1 year out from WLS and feeling great. I started at 271(my scale) and I am now at 152. My doctor's goal was 160 and my goal is 150 so I am only 2 pounds away from my own personal goal. I am down 119 pounds!!!

This time last year I had hoped that this surgery would change my life and it did in a big way!! Last year I couldn't walk much without getting out of breath or being to tired. Well this morning I went for a run and I ran 2 miles. I never liked running before but now I am beginning to like it alot.

So much has happened to me this past year and I owe it all to having WLS. I am so much more active now and it feels great. There were some hard times throughout this past year but I will say that it has all been worth it. I love shopping now for clothes!! Something that changed, not for the better, is that I now have sleep apnea and have been on the CPAP machine for about 1 1/2 months. It isn't severe but the Dr. wants me to use the CPAP. I was never tested for this before surgery so who knows I could of had it prior to surgery. I can live with it though. I also now have a hernia so I will need to get that repaired. I am waiting on my referral for that. Hopefully I can get a TT with that, we will see.

Now as for all the skin!! I have some on my arms, legs/thighs, belly and then the boobs are so far south it isn't funny. I hope to get the TT with the hernia repair and I would like to get my boobs lifted. As for the other skin I think I will live with it for now.

As for friends, I have found out that this surgery can really strain a friendship. They say you can tell who your friends are and that is so true. Some have been hard because I thought that the friendship would endure all and some didn't. I am going to try to not let it bother me.

I want to thank everyone for all their support from the Jan. board!! You all have helped me more than you know. My family has been the best in all their support that they have given me. My husband has just been the best over this past year. He has supported me to the fullest and I am forever grateful. My son has been great as well, I think he loves his mom, ha ha! My friends have also been great as well, especially Christie who is my inspiration person. Thanks Christie!!

Okay that is enough from me for now. I will take 1 year pics later today and hopefully get them on my profile by tomorrow.

Take care everybody!!!


January 28, 2006

Just had to post and tell everyone that my husband, son, and myself are going to run a 5K next Sunday. I am so excited that I am going to do this. I have always wanted to do a 3K or 5K and now I am able to. I have wanted to join my husband and son in events like this and be an active family member. I will post how I do and I will try to get my husband to take pictures of me running.

I also wanted to write that I have a consult appt. with a plastic surgeon to get my hernia repaired. I hope that I can get a TT with this. We will have to see. I am feeling nervous now that I have an appt. to see him. I am also excited because this is the next step for me.


Feb. 10, 2006

I just had to post to let everybody know that I ran my first 5K last Sunday, Febuary 5, with my husband and son. It was great!!! I was so excited as this is something I have always wanted to do but felt as if I couldn't because of the weight. On mile 3 I was starting to hurt but my husband pulled me through and I didn't stop at all I ran the whole way. From what my husbands watch said I ran it in 30 min. 25 seconds. I was trying for an even 30 min. but it did take some time to get through the crowd.

How awesome it is to accomplish something that I have always wanted to do. It makes me feel really good and makes me feel as if I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Now as far as my appt. with the Plastic Surgeon for my hernia repair/TT. It was on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006. It went well and now I am just waiting for my insurance to approve it. It has been over a week so hopefully not to much longer until I find out if I got approved or not. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

Okay I will update more when I have something else to report.


March 3, 2006

Well I had to post about something that I did with my family. Last Sunday my husband, son, and myself went kayacking!! I had never been before, although my husband and son had. I had a great time!! I sure wouldn't have done this a year ago. Before I was afraid that I would sink the kayack. This time I didn't worry about that at all, I only worried about falling out, ha ha!!

Just had to share!!


April 8, 2006

So much to write about since I haven't updated in awhile.

First, My family and I did another 5K last Saturday, April 1st, and I was off by 8 seconds(longer) than my last 5K. I have had trouble with my hernia and haven't been able to "train" they way I would have liked. But I am still happy with my time of 30 min. 33 seconds.

Next, I have been battling for months with my insurance, TRI-WEST, to get my hernia repaired and get a tummy tuck. All the while my hernia is getting bigger. Finally they made a decision and approved my hernia repair but denied my TT. I went to my plastic surgeon yesturday and we discussed me doing a self pay on the TT. That is what I am going to do so that I only have to have one surgery for the hernia and TT. I am happy that I will be able to do both at the same time. My surgery date is April 25, 2006 at 1p.m., and the funny thing is that this is exactly 15 months from my WLS surgery. We also submited for my breast lift. We will see if the insurance will approve that or not. I sure hope that they do because they are so far south now it isn't funny. We will see.

It is such a hard thing to deal with the skin. It is just another battle that we have to go through after WLS. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change having WLS at all. I am very grateful that I had WLS and my life if so much better now. Most people don't realize what these skin issues mean to us. Most are like you should be happy you lost the weight. They look at it as purely cosmetic and I don't believe that to be entirely true. Yes it is cosmetic but it is also so much more than that. It is like you lost all the weight and now you have to deal with all the skin. It seems as if it is always something to have to deal with.

We also found out that we will be moving yet again. It looks like it will be The Netherlands, as long as all goes well. We haven't heard for sure so we will see what happens. With the Army anything is possible, ha ha! I will update as soon as we know something.

This is another reason I want my plastic surgery done before we leave. I found a great plastic surgeon here in my area. He has done work on 3 ladies that I know and his work looks great!! I am grateful that these ladies shared their experiences with me.

Okay that is plenty enough for now.


April 21, 2006


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to post and let you all know that I am getting very nervous about my upcoming surgery for hernia repair/tt on Tuesday. I am only 4 days away. Don't get me wrong I am very excited as well!! This hernia is really bothering me!! Now I am waiting to hear from my insurance if they will pay for my breast reduction. It is in review as we speak. I sure hope they approve them!!

Also yesturday was my birthday, I turned 35!

I can't believe I am in my mid thirties now. Anyway it was a great day and my first birthday as a "normal size" person. Last year I was only a few months out from WLS on my birthday. I just can't believe how far I have come and how great I feel. I guess my mid thirties and above are going to be great. My husband had left me 35 roses in a vase on the table and then he put one rose in a seperate vase that had a post-it that said, And one to grow on. He is very sweet!!!



April 28, 2006

First of all I want to say that today would have been my brother's 36 birthday! He passed away in Dec. 2001. I miss him so much and I wish he was here so we could celebrate together for his birthday. Miss you Bubba!!!!

I just wanted to write that I am home now from my PS. I was suppose to have my surgery on Tuesday at 1pm but they didn't take me back until 3pm. Boy was I hungry and thirsty since I hadn't had anything to eat since the night before. I didn't get to my room until 9pm. My dr didn't want me to move out of bed for the 1st day. The pain wasn't to bad. It was actually like the pain I had when I had my Open RNY. The first time I got up on Wednesday it was painful but nothing I couldn't tolorate. One thing that wasn't so great was that I started my period on Wednesday. I found this out when I went to the bathroom for the first time. Oh well that is just the way it goes. They gave me only ice chips from the time I got to my room until around lunch time on Wednesday. I got a regular diet lunch and I must say it was very good!!! It wasn't food I normally like but at that time it was good, ha ha!! I took my time and actually waited 10 minutes between bites instead of my normal 5 minutes. I just wanted to be careful and make sure it was going to settle well because I had been naucious early that morning. It went fine and I also got to eat dinner as well. My doctor didn't come to see me until about 8:30 on Wednesday night. He took my garment off and I got to see my new tummy, WOW!!!!! It is so tinny and there is not bump where the hernia was, there was also no hang over anymore!!!! This really excited me!! My new belly button is cute. He said he was very pleased with how my stomach turned out. He asked me if I had been working out and I said yes and he told me he could tell and that it wouldn't take long for me to have a great looking stomach. That made me feel good about all the excercising I have been doing this past year. I can't wait to get back to the gym, just have to wait until I recover. He also told me that my hernia was the size of a softball and that it had ripped my suctures out from my gastric surgery where I had been closed up under my skin, under my gastric scar.

He let me go home yesturday morning and I was so glad. The hospital staff was something to be desired. I would push the call button and sometimes it would take them an hour and a half to get to me. Needless to say my husband and I both complained. It figures that the nurses on the morning I left, they were different ones, were the best I had in the two nights I spent there.

Well I am so glad to be home. My husband has the laptop on a table next to my recliner with the keyboard on my lap. He helped me wash my hair this morning and also helped me clean myself up. I feel so much better.

The pain isn't bad but I feel like and old woman with having to walk hunched over. My husband and 15 year old son were having a race from the living room to the kitchen walking like I do. I was like hey don't make fun, but actually it was very funny!!!

Okay I am off to recover. Thanks to everyone for all their good thoughts and prayers and posts about me! I appreciate everything!!!

Thank you Christie for coming to see me and keeping everyone updated!!!!!


May 16, 2006

First of I want to write that we are moving to The Netherlands. We are excited!! Lots of stuff to do and I can't help with much because I still can't life anything over 5 pounds. That part sucks because I feel helpless sometimes.

As for my recovery after PS, I am doing really good. I stopped the vicadin after almost a week. My surgeon says I look great. I do feel as if I look great to, it is wonderful not to have an over hang anymore. The only thing is now I feel as if I am just sitting around getting fat. Now I know that is not true because I do weigh and I am down from when I had my PS. Again it is my head playing tricks on me. Hopefully this will change. I really want to feel normal and not feel as if I am still fat.

Oh well other than that I am doing great.


July 22, 2006

Wow it has been so long since I updated yet again.

First we did move to The Netherlands, we got here July 15. As of right now we are staying in a Bungalow Park and are currently looking for a house to live in.

We left California on June 21 to drive back east to TN to visit with our families for a few weeks. It was hard eating on the road those 5 days. Luckily I had protein bars with me to help me out. I also don't have my scale so that I can weigh and it is driving me crazy!!!

Now that we are here it has been hard for me as well with the eating. The food here is so different, I had a hamburger the other day and I swear it was a mystery meat for sure. We are not living near a Military post, the nearest one if 2 hours away, so that makes it even harder. Before we moved I was really very picky in what I tried to eat. I am definately out of my comfort zone. I am going to have to get Christie to mail me Slim Fast Protein bars!!!

During this move I made it to my 2 months since my hernia/TT surgery. It was difficult because I couldn't lift over 5 pounds until we were on the road to TN. I worry constantly that everything is okay with my incision and my stomach. I think my husband thinks I worry to much, his is probably right. I am just nervous with being in a foreign country and not near a military post. I am almost 18 months our from WLS and I am feeling good but my brain still causes me problems. I look in the mirror and I still see fat. With all the problems that we have had with this move I have been eating a bit more than usual. Also now I am able to work out but I don't have a place to go. There is always so much to do. I can't wait to get a place to live so that I can get my life back on track with working out everyday. It is funny but I miss working out and can't wait to get back to it. I want to run again on a regular basis.

Okay that is alot for now. I will update again when I can.

If you are reading this remember WLS is not and easy route to take it is something that you do forever and you have to always worry about getting your water and protein in. Don't get me wrong it is the best thing I have ever done for my self and I wouldn't change it at all. Just really think before you do it and make sure it is right for you.


Starting BMI-46.5(271), 47.4(276)

Day of Surgery- 271(my scale), 276(Dr. scale)

Week 1 ----- 256 -15

Week 2 ----- 250.5 -20.5

Week 3 ----- 248 -23

Week 4 ----- 247 -24

1 month ---- 246 -25 BMI 42.2

Week 5 ----- 245 -26

Week 6 ----- 240 -31

Week 7 ----- 237 -34

Week 8 ----- 237 -34,the same, maybe it's the weights at the gym

2 months --- 235.5 -35.5 BMI 40.4

Week 9 ----- 232.5 -38.5

Week 10 ---- 228 -43

Week 11 ---- 226 -45

Week 12 ---- 224 -47

3 months --- 221.5 -49.5 BMI 38.0

Week 13 ---- 221 -50

Week 14 ---- 217 -54

Week 15 ---- 215 -56

Week 16 ---- 210 -61

4 months --- 208 -63 BMI35.7(Same as 17week but only 1day apart)

Week 17 ---- 208 -63

Week 18 ---- 207.5 -63.5 (Not much but I am losing many inches!)

Week 19 ---- 206.5 -64.5 (Not much but I will take it!)

Week 20 ---- 205 -66

5 months --- 197.5 -73.5 BMI 33.8(This is 4 days after 21 weeks)

Week 21 ---- 200.5 -70.5

Week 22 ---- 196.5 -74.5 (Oh the Onederfuls!!!!)

Week 23 ---- 195.5 -75.5

Week 24 ---- 193 -78

6 months --- 188.5 -82.5 (This is 1 day before Week 26)BMI 32.4

Week 25 ---- 190.5 -80.5

Week 26 ---- 187 -84

Week 27 ---- 186 -85

Week 28 ---- 184 -87

7 months --- 179 -92 (2 days after week 30) BMI 30.7

Week 29 ---- 179 -92

Week 30 ---- 179 -92

Week 31 ---- 177 -94

Week 32 ---- 176.5 -94.5

8 months --- 170.5 -100.5 (2 days before Week 35)

Week 33 ---- 173 -98

Week 34 ---- 173 -98

Week 35 ---- 169 -102 (Just 2 days after 8 months)

Week 36 ---- 170 -101 (My first real gain!! Oh No!)

9 months --- 168.5 -102.5 (Same day as Week 39)

Week 37 ---- 171 -100 ( My 2nd 1 pound gain! OH NO!!)

Week 38 ---- 167.5 -103.5

Week 39 ---- 168.5 -102.5

Week 40 ---- 166 -105

10 months -- 160 -111 (After 43 weeks!) At Dr.'s Goal!

Week 41 ---- 164 -107

Week 42 ---- 162 -109

Week 43 ---- 161.5 -109.5

Week 44 ---- 159.5 -111.5

11 months -- 157 (2 days before week 48)

Week 45 ---- 158 -113

Week 46 ---- 157 -114

Week 47 ---- 155.5 -115.5

Week 48 ---- 158.5 -112.5(Hopefully it is because of my period!)

12 months -- 152 -119 (one day after Week 52)

Week 49 ---- 157 -114

Week 50 ---- 156.5 -114.5

Week 51 ---- 155 -116

Week 52 ---- 152 -119

15 months

16 months

17 months

18 months

19 months

20 months

21 months

22 months

23 months

24 months





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