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Hey there Marc! Congratulations on your work with Big Medicine... I just wanted to drop by an Invitation. It’s great to see other men out here. We make up such a small percentage (12%) Of the people having Weight Loss Surgery, but tend to reach our goal weights quicker and with less (or at least Different hassles) than the Gals, due to Male physiology. Drop by the Men’s Message Board and check out what other men like you are going through. It’s a diverse make up of Dads, Singles, Older, younger, etc…Pre-Ops, Post-Ops new and some Old (at Goal) Post-Ops. Lap-Banders, RNY’ers DS, etc…Great bunch of guys with the mutual understanding That WLS for Men can be a totally different Journey. Stop by to add your questions, advice, opinions, and info at- http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/men/ It’s Great to know we’re not so alone, and that there are others pulling for you. Hope you find all of the info, experience and support this site has to offer. Best Wishes- Dx
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