my story is prolly the same as most,, i started out a normal baby,,, around 5 was a tad solid, by 10 was chunky.. by 13 all hell broke loose.... the bigger i got the more i turned to food, for comfort and also for taste.... the better something tasted the more i ate it... when i was 17 i dropped out of high school... didnt fit in the desks anymore. got tired of bouncing between the bus seats just to work my way to my seat. so i stayed home for a few months.. got bigger, i think by that time i was around 350. my dad made me make a choice, school or a job,, so i applied for jobs everywhere.. only mc donalds would hire me. so i worked there for a year. enjoying the food also... and trust me mc donalds daily isnt good for anyone. so i think i hit 400 pounds there, then got hard going to work there. too much standing.... i lost a bit of weight maybe 50 pounds, got a job at a nursing home,, loved it...,  i did finish high school during that time. but i managed to gain weight again, i hit 450 before i was 25 years old. i had to quit work Aand  go on dissability, that totally made me feel worthless and had no real reason to go on living... thought about suicide alot,,, i dont think i ever had it in me to follow through though. i did stop leaving my home except for emergencies dr app etc. i missed many births of family members, many funerals , weddings etc.... i had no friends left except for one TRUE  friend and that was my food! i have tried for about 5 years to get my insurance to coner the rny surgery, kept getting turned down. my top weight was 61 pounds! i was so shocked, i knew i was huge but i was not expecting those numbers. my insurance decided if i followed their criteria and diet plan for a year i could get the surgery. i put my whole heart and effort into it. dec 1st i started the medical weight loss clinic part of the diet. since then ive lost 137 pounds! im still using my wheelchair at times, but im able to get out of the house a bit now. 10 days ago i got my surgery date,,, it will be october 7th in detroit mich. at the harper hospital! im so excited...... and scared..... etc!  i am totally sad though because my mom who was one of my biggest supporters through this last year passed away in july... i had a small set back when that happened and gained 3 pounds in a week. i have missed her terribly, but i know i have to do this for her... and most of all for myself

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