oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 15, 2010

 im having a very grumpy day!  i had surgery last thursday,,,,, got out on monday night,, had reactions to my pain meds,,, my insurance still refuses to fill my lovenox shots to prevent blood clots..... im hurting really bad, two nights ago caught a cold of some sort..... every cough, sneeze , or any move is killing me..... got into my family doc finally today.. he decided to prescribe a pain patch for me.. i was actually so excited! a night with lil or no pain... its 730.. my sis went to get y meds and the insurance is refusing all of them!  so that means i have to go till at least monday before i get any help!  im almost tempted to go to the er for a shot, i dont know wat else to do........but on the flip side, ive lost 12 pounds in 8 days.... i may be hurtin but im gettin hot  lol  maybe after i get rid of the cough and pain i can be happy again..... have a great weekend everyone!


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