No fill yesterday

Apr 28, 2009

Saw the nurse practitioner yesterday and we both agreed that I didn't need a fill because I still had restriction.  Since seeing her 8 weeks ago I had lost 7 lbs (most of which came from the plateau buster diet) and she was very happy with that.

On another note, something weird has been going on with my stomach yesterday and today.  I thought yesterday was just a fluke but its continuing into today.  I could hardly get anything down yesterday, not even water.  It wasn't coming back up, it was just hurting and going down really slow.  I didn't say anything about it to the PA, aside from saying that my band was unpredictable and I hadn't been able to get much of anything down, because I thought it would go away.  In the evening I was able to eat some scrambled eggs and some sausage without much of a problem, but today the problem is persisting.  It has me a little nervous.


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