Lost, angry, scared...

Oct 30, 2009

Its been a few weeks since I had my band emptied because of a stretched stomach.  This was supposed to shrink my stomach back into place and hopefully allow me to begin getting fills again.

I don't think its working.

My stomach throbs sometimes which tells me that things aren't right inside.  Either my stomach isn't shrinking or my band is still slipped. 

I'm so scared that I'm going to lose my band and gain all my weight back.  I just want everything back to the way it was before things went wrong.  I'm trying to do liquids for a few days to see if this will help with the pain and maybe the shrinking process...but its hard...I'm starving.  Last time I had nothing in my band I was all swollen from surgery still so I wasn't this hungry.

I go back to see the doctor on November 10th...I just know its going to be bad news.  I just wish I knew why this had to happen after 18 months...I was doing so well and feeling so good about myself and my progress. Blah.  This really sucks.

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