1st day of liquids (Pre Op)

Aug 19, 2007

Today has not been that bad.  I am kindof getting nauseated because of the milk of mag.. yuck!!!!!   I am trying to get all my paperwork done so that i can leave work at a decent time!   So much to do!!!


Aug 17, 2007

Just wanted to drop a line to say i am getting ready and sooooo sooo excited!  I am getting my overnight bag together for the hosp and some things i need to stock up on here at home.  Today is going to be busy b/c my son has a football game out of town and we will be gone most of the day and then on sunday i start my liquid diet!  I went to walmart last night and bought, i bet, 30 sf jello things, lol and i have boullion cubes and water and protein shakes...... that just about covers my diet for the next little bit!  I havent cheated because when i want to i just think is this worth me feeling bad?  then i cant!  This morning the scales said 249.4 not much for the last couple of days but its not going up! 


Aug 15, 2007

Today i have been at boot camp... i met dr. steiner and am very happy with my choice.  I have until tuesday, which is my surgery date, to have everything ready.  I need to take alot of things with me and need to get my bag packed sometime this weekend.  When i weighed today it was 250.5.... woo hoo  i am proud of myself. 


Aug 10, 2007

I got up this morning and just like every morning i went ot pee and then to weigh...... 252.2  (I know it will change after i get dressed but its nice to see it a few pounds lower. lol)  so i thought i weighed 268 in the beginning according to what they said at the initial consult so that would make me ......... drum roll   ......................

Weight Chart


So now..... let's get  some measurements on here
Waist            45.5
abdomen     52.25
Hips              46.5
Chest            54.5
L U Arm        17
R U Arm        17
L thigh           28
R thigh          28.5
L calf              17
R calf            17

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My calves and upper arms are the same!!!! How disgusting!!!!!   Thank the Lord that i have only 9 days til surgery!  

I am trying to get somethings together for this surgery and i have a list.  will update as i get more if it. 


Aug 03, 2007

I am sitting here just looking at my surgery ticker and trying to imagine what it will be like when i only have 1 day left before surgery!!!  I am not nervous now but i may be then.  I am going to work and coming home every day and looking at this ticker and it doesnt ever seem to speed up!  I have been trying to get some things together though and tie up some loose ends before i go into the hosp.  I am very proud of myself because i have really stuck to the preop diet!  It has turned out to be easier than i thought to do it.... mind over matter!  Now it may be really easy because i dont really know what i am doing and i may make my liver the size of TEXAS!  Who knows but i think i should get an A for effort!

It May be starting again!

Aug 02, 2007

last friday i had to pee all day and then the weight started to come off.  I've been losing a half pound every day or two but not for  the last 2 days.  But this morning the scales have moved again.  It says 254.6 lbs!  That excites me but when i am dressed and at the office it wont say that low prob like 257.  We'll see.  I hope this means i will start dropping some again.  I go to the dr. on 8/15 and i have to have lost weight on their scales!  I am sure with seeing my scales and the office scales move then the one at dr's office will have to move as well!  OK time to start this day. 

Counting down the days

Aug 02, 2007

I am not gonna say how excited i am today because i am too tired.  I have had my protein shake this morning, chicken breast and green beans and salad for lunch and tuna for supper.  I wonder why i am not losing more weight on this preop thing!  I am eating only what they say?  Oh well it may do like it did last week and just drop a few pounds all of a sudden... we'll see


It's August!!!

Aug 01, 2007

It's August!!!! My month is here and I am getting closer to my Date!!!  I am not nervous,  in fact i am so excited i cant stand it.  I went to pick up some parts for my daughter Leslie's car last night and we ate mexican food.  The carbs made me RUN to the bathroom and i felt so sick!!!  And then I felt guilty.  It's not like i got there and made bad choices... I had planned a treat meal for me since i had been doing so well on this pre op diet.  Anyway i dont think i will be doing it again!!  I bought a SnoCone machine last night.... make your ice and pour semi-concentrated crystal lite on it and Voila'  was great!!

July 28, 2007

Jul 27, 2007

I have been working really hard on my pre op diet and  I am feeling rather well.  The headaches are gone and i dont feel as tired as i did when i first started this diet.  I am actually quite proud of myself -  i think i am losing weight - When i first went to the WLSC I am sure they told me I weighed 267.6 and so i kept saying i was 268 and i was tickled when i saw the scales move down to 265.  Then i talked to the NUT about my preop diet and she said i was 261.6 at the start!  I know that is untrue... just an error because that day (day 1), I thought  I had gained 18 pounds since i had quit smoking.  I knew i had weighed 250 lbs.  and 18 pounds more is 268!!  Anyway the Nut told me that when i went for pre op appt if i didnt weigh less than 261 that they would postpone my surgery!!!!   So that means i have to lose down to 261 before anything will even count!!  So I have been really conscious and hoping i am doing my pre op diet correctly and finally yesterday i think the dam broke!!! I had to pee all day... i mean every few minutes and when i weighed it said 262 then later it was 261, 259 and then this morning it says 257.4!!!!! I hope that is right... I plan to keep on what i am doing and see if this continues... My pre op appt is 8/15/07 and my surgery is 8/21/07.   This is how i have been eating...... 
B:  Protein shake (adkins) 
L:  Green Beans and Chicken breast (no skin) and salad
D: Green Beans and Chicken breast (no skin)

B:  Protein shake (adkins)
L:  Salad
D: Green Beans and Chicken breast (no skin)

B:  Protein shake (adkins) 
L:  Pizza toppings (from Pizza Hut--pepperoni, ham sausage, cheese and Pizza sauce)
D: Low carbburger from Hardees.  


B: Protein Shake

L:Hardees Low carb burger

D:green beans, small chicken breast small piece of steak

snacks: 1 popcicle (fudge), water and crystal lite and bbq pork rinds.

I am drinking water and crystal lite and eating sugar free popcicles and pork rinds when i want.  I hope this is right!!!! we'll see if i keep losing


Jul 21, 2007

Wanted to give an update today because this is exactly 1 month til my surgery date.  So it is eleven pm and this time in August, I will be almost finished with my 1st day after surgery. 
      I went for a walk tonight with hubby so i could get into the routine.  He is so wonderful to me.  He kept encouraging me and helping me as we walked.  I love him with all my heart.  When I told him I wanted to have the surgery he hugged me and said "When i married you, you were a little bitty thing, and i love you more now than then!!!!  So do whatever you need to."  I have since heard him say how scared he is for me and that he has had me too long to lose me now over something silly.  I want to get him excited for me.  I know he wants to help me get better. 

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