I've pretty much been overweight most of my life.  There was a while there in my mid 20's when I was fairly trim & could even wear my shirts tucked in if I had to.  Can't imagine that now.

I was married the year after I graduated, then divorced a few years later due to abuse.  You know what they say, though, most people get right back in something like that.  And, guess what!  I wasn't any different.  (Thought I was, but... nope).  I was engaged to someone even worse, went through H...E...double hockey stix, & finally got out.  Of course, I thought this was all due to me being ugly & fat, so I lost quite a bit of the weight I carried around.  That didn't last long.  I met a terrific guy who really cares about me, got settled & comfortable in my new relationship, & started puting on the pounds.  After 2 miscariages, we had twin boys.    When they were 3 in 2004, we were pregnant again, this time with a single boy.  I was gaining soooo much weight, taking on so much fluid, & my blood pressure was sky rocketing so high that the poor little guy didn't have a chance in there.  My doctor seemed to be too busy to notice any of this even when we brought it up many times.  At about 8 1/2 months along, I had a severe & total abruption.  We lost Wyatt, & this was to be the beginning of the worst part of my life.    It became very hard to get around.  I was still recuperating from the abruption & the weight was terrible.  It took me sooo long to recover.  

This whole thing seemed so unfair to my family.  I could no longer play with the boys like I had always done.  I was always getting tired out when we went shopping (my feet hurt so bad).  It was awful.  Then, my cousin had gastric bypass.  She did great, & after a couple years I really started to take interest in it.  I decided I wanted my life back, & now have a surgery date of June 4th, 2007.  WooooHooo!

We are now also going to be starting the process of adoption for another little one.  We're going thru the AASK program & just ask that whoever we adopt be younger than our boys.  Our home studies will be starting soon.  We are already licensed for foster care, but don't get much of a call for that here in our county I guess.  Our boys, Bailey & Riley, are so excited to add someone else to our family.  They're such good little boys & we're so proud of them.  The loss of Wyatt has left a mark on their little hearts too.

So...  my new journey has begun.  Thank you God, for walking beside me in all of those times.




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