My story goes way back. I was a  chubby child, craved sugar and carbs in general. I remember my mom calling me "carbo queen" When I hit puberty I lost all my "baby fat" and slimed down significantly. I always had a pudgy middle. It seemed that I would just go throught life a little bit chubby. That all began to change when I was around 23 years old.

I had just completed nursing school and was starting my new carreer. I found myself being constantly hungry. I would eat brealfeast before work, a midmoring snack, lunch, an afternoon scack, dinner, bedtime snack and several alcoholic beverages every weekend. I worked out frequently and was on my feet all day. I continued to gain weight and feel more and more tired. 

Suddenly its 10 years later and my weight had swelled near 300 lbs. My menses stopped. I grew a bread (thankfully, it was blond) and no matter what diet I tried or how much exercise I did I still was gaining. My mom happend accross an article in the newspaper about PCOS. I was very sensitive about my "issues" so she quiently left it out on the counter for me to find. 

I sought medical help the next few years to figure this all out. Finally, my family doc sent me to an endocrinoligst for a complete work-up and mangement for PCOS. Part the the work-up invloved doing salivary cortisol studies. The results starting comming back. I had lab abnormalities that were consistant with the PCOS but the salivary cortisols were also elevated. I didn't think much of it at the time because a) I worked night shift and b) i used a steriod cream on my hands for exzma.(I thought I had put the cream on my hands before doing the test). We repeated the tests and go similar results. Next I had moring ACTH and Cortisol blood draw and a 24hr urine collection for cortisol. All were abnormally elevated. 

It turned out that I had PCOS, but even more alarming, I also had Cushing's Disease. Cushing's is an endocrine disorder that is caused by a small tumor in the pituitary gland that tells your adrenal glands to keep producing cortisol. It affects about 2 people per million. LUCKY ME!! I eventlually had surgery to remove the tumor but because most of my pituitary gland was involved the surgery did not drop my cortisol levels. A while later I had my adrenal glands removed. Left untreated, Cushing's is a fatal disease becuase the abnormally hight cortisol levels cause elevated blood pressure, weight gain, and early cardiovascular disease. 

So now my Cushing's is cured, but I sitll have PCOS and I still have all this weight. I've seen some bad outcomes form shoddy weight-loss procedures. (I'm an ICU nurse) so I was very reluctant to have any surgigal intervention for a long time. I had heard about the Lap-Band system when it first came on the market. Last March one of my close friends had it done and had been living with it quite well. I did all the research, visitted message boards, and liked what I saw.This past July I finally made the decision to go ahead with it for myself!

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