6 months post RNY checkup today.

Jun 17, 2010

Just got home from my 6 months post RNY surgery appointment.  I've lost 70 pounds.  YEAH!!!  Feeling good except for these dang headaches. Think I need to be getting more protein in my diet and drinking more water.  I need to stop drinking with my meals and waiting 30 minutes after to drink anything.  I've started craving carbs and I work at controlling those craving daily.  I've noticed that my appetite is coming back and I need to start eating slower.   I'm sure glad that I had really thick hair before surgery because my hair has been falling out a lot.  MORE PROTEIN each day is the answer.  I'm going to start keeping a food journal again and drinking two protein shakes a day.  I've been walking 2 miles a day, but I need to add some more cardio to my workouts.

Surgery was 12-7

Dec 10, 2009

I got home from Rex Hospital yesterday afternoon around 1:30 pm and I'm doing pretty good. I was concerned when I was discharged so soon after surgery because I had been told to expect to stay 2-3 days with gastric bypass.  Had my surgery at 4:20pm On Monday and was home at 1:30 on Wed. I was still having a lot of drainage out of my tube into the ball, but Dr. Enochs assistant assured me that was normal.  I worry that since they took the tube out before I was discharged that the buildup of fluid will not have anyway of getting out.  I only had a little drainage onto the bandage since leaving the hospital. I'm walking, sipping on protein, deep breathing, and making sure that I do exactly what I was told.  I have not vomited and I hope that I do not.  I drink 1 oz every 15 minutes during the day time of liquid protein.  My blood sugar is doing pretty good and I'm so hopeful that I will be able to get off of my blood sugar medication. I've cut the pain medication into half doses.  I have pain when I do my breathing exercises and when I talk.  I'll be happy when I'm 6-8 weeks post surgery. 

Got my Surgery Date!!! :-)

Nov 14, 2009

My surgery date for my RNY is Dec. 7th at 3:05.  YEAH!!!  
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BCBS approved my weight loss surgery.

Nov 09, 2009

YEAH!!!  Dr. Enochs office told me that BCBS approved me for weight loss surgery.  Now all I have to do is get a clearance from my gastrinologist.  I have an appointment with him on Thursday to go over the results of the endoscopy and colonscopy that I had done a week ago.

WLS Surgery Journal

Oct 19, 2009

I had my appointment with Dr. Enochs and I am excited about having the gastric bypass surgery.  I've completed the nutrition assessment, psy eval, and upper GI.  I go for my sleep study tonight and my appointment with Gastroenterolgy Consultants is tomorrow.  I hope that I can have my surgery done either the first or second week of Nov.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time. LOL 


Considering Weight Loss Surgery

Sep 24, 2009

Hello, my name is Brenda, and I'm seriously considering having weight loss surgery.  I'm 5'4" and weigh 236 pounds.  I've tried so many diets and exercise plans, however I have not been able to keep the weight off.  I lost around 100 pounds back in 1997, from starving myself and excessive exercise.  Lost the weight in 9 months, but I I've gained all but 25 pounds back.  I have considered weight loss surgery in the past, however I let my fears take over and didn't follow through with making an appointment.  I have a really good friend that had the gastric bypass done last year and he has lost down to his normal weight and is felling great.  I've read on line that my diabetes II may disappear and that has convinced me to do it.  I'm looking forward to visiting with other individuals that have had surgery and learning what to expect.  There is a butterfly inside me that is wanting to be released once and for all.  I have a lot of living to do and want the rest of my life to be healthy and fit.

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