Surgery was 12-7

Dec 10, 2009

I got home from Rex Hospital yesterday afternoon around 1:30 pm and I'm doing pretty good. I was concerned when I was discharged so soon after surgery because I had been told to expect to stay 2-3 days with gastric bypass.  Had my surgery at 4:20pm On Monday and was home at 1:30 on Wed. I was still having a lot of drainage out of my tube into the ball, but Dr. Enochs assistant assured me that was normal.  I worry that since they took the tube out before I was discharged that the buildup of fluid will not have anyway of getting out.  I only had a little drainage onto the bandage since leaving the hospital. I'm walking, sipping on protein, deep breathing, and making sure that I do exactly what I was told.  I have not vomited and I hope that I do not.  I drink 1 oz every 15 minutes during the day time of liquid protein.  My blood sugar is doing pretty good and I'm so hopeful that I will be able to get off of my blood sugar medication. I've cut the pain medication into half doses.  I have pain when I do my breathing exercises and when I talk.  I'll be happy when I'm 6-8 weeks post surgery. 


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