Kathy S. 13 years, 12 months ago

How exciting for you that your special day are here. Good luck with your surgery. Get ready for Wow moment after Wow moment and to start to live your life as it was meant to be. Take care, Kathy

knomel1 13 years, 12 months ago

Hi Brenda, Best of luck with your surgery! I will keep you and the surgical team in my thougts and prayers! Can't wait to have you on the loser's bench! Mel

kathleenann 13 years, 12 months ago

I'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.

moondancer2000 13 years, 12 months ago

Congrats and good luck!!

ks4 13 years, 12 months ago

Hi Brenda! Sending my prayers your way! You're going to do great! See you on the loser's bench! ~Kendra

Gina F. 13 years, 12 months ago

Congratulations on having your surgery this week! You are going to be with us over here on the loosers bench before you know it! I am so happy for you. Just remember sip & walk! Update us on how you are doing when you are up to it! :-) take care, Gina

MacMadame 13 years, 12 months ago

Good luck with your upcoming surgery. I'll be swinging the chinchillas for you so you have a textbook surgery and uneventful recovery.

fitby40something 14 years ago

Brenda your day is here. Wishing you a perfect surgery and recovery. They say the grass is always greener and this time they are right... the grass is always greener on the loser's side, especially under the bench. See you there.

MajorMom 14 years ago

I hope everything goes super on your surgery day and you have a quick recovery too. Good luck! Gina

pineview01 14 years ago

Good luck with your surgery and a heathy weight loss.
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