YAY ME!!!!!

Aug 07, 2007

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103 to be exact!   I am one happy woman!

New Pics Up

Jul 18, 2007

Check out my updated pics! I've almost lost 100 lbs!  Life is good! Haven't had much time to blog lately, I've been out doing things and enjoying my life! This surgery is the best thing I've ever done for myself!

Here we go...

May 17, 2007

I think the dreaded hair-loss has started! Nothing noticeable on my head, but I'm finding strands all over my clothes and pillows even in my car. Oh well, I kinda expected it, I remember I had a receeding hairline when I lost a bunch of weight with Didrex and the Atkins diet. Small price to pay I guess, I just hope it doesnt get too bad.
I'm finally able to eat whatever I want without getting sick..and I gained 2 lbs! ACK! Time to buckle down. I've been having horrible chocolate cravings and I never really even liked sweets before! I found out I don't "dump" on sugars, just get a little sleepy. I gotta tell myself that does NOT mean I can eat them!
Now, I will get out of this computer chair and get outside and do some serious WALKING!

3 Month PostOp visit

May 14, 2007

Dr. Suggs said I was doing great! :)
I weighed 234.8!  Down from 297 at my first visit with him and a high of 306.  Today was a good day! I even took the needle for my bloodwork like a big girl for once too! My Nutritionist said I'm on the right track, just drink more water of course. I will be going back sometime in August for my 6 month post op check and then only annually after that.
I'm feeling great and took my daughter to the mall this weekend, which has always been torture for me, well, I walked it..twice..without getting tired or having any pain!
I hope my labs come back okay. I don't want to have to take any more supplements, those huge calcium pills and multivitamins are quite enough thank you.

WOW moment!

Apr 13, 2007

I was at WalMart today and on a whim, picked up a pair of 18 jeans just to "try" to try on..well..THEY FIT!! I did a little happy dance in the dressing room and of course- I bought em!

2 Months Out

Apr 08, 2007

Well, I had kind of a slow month. I've lost 11 more lbs, but 9 more inches! I spent the better part of the month stuck at 255, then all of a sudden I lost down to 249 in just a week. We had easter dinner with my family yesterday, mom cooked a ton of food and I was able to have 1/2 a ham sammich, but it was good! I kind of grazed the rest of the day and I know that's bad..but for the first time, I felt really HUNGRY all day today. I think I was just bored maybe, its been so cold and I can't get outside and keep busy.  I'm hoping April will be a good month for me, bathing suit season will be here in no time!

1 Month follow up visit

Mar 15, 2007

My surgeon said I'm doing great, and he released me for work and firefighting with no restrictions. YIPEE! I can go back to feeling normal and DOING something!
My Nutritionist said I was doing good also, just need to work on the protein and water intake of course. She told me my eating should get easier from now. I miss meat so bad!
Bad news was I found out my scale is like 8 lbs lighter than theirs so I havent lost 46lbs, only about 38, but thats allright, I'm down from a 24 pants and I'm wearing size 20 right now and I'm perfectly happy with that for now.

One month out today

Mar 07, 2007

I've lost 46 lbs and 16 inches! WooHoo!
Allready I feel so much better! My knees and back have stopped hurting and I just feel happy in general.
I went out and bought myself a pair of opal earrings with the money I surely would have eaten in the past couple of weeks. 
I had search and rescue training with my fire dept. last night, I thought I would be okay to crawl around in the dark with a 40lb airpack on my back..boy was I wrong. I'm really hurting on my side right now. I guess that was pretty stupid of me. I just miss doing that stuff so bad that I had to go! My chief was really understanding and let me sit out for the last go round. I felt so worthless and weak.
Anywho..my one month pic is posted at the bottom here. Its been SO worth it allready!

2 Weeks Out

Feb 21, 2007

and 28 lbs gone, and I can't tell a bit of difference. I guess it was alot of water weight. My jeans are still tight, I look exactly the same. I guess when you get so big it takes quite a bit of weight loss before you can tell any difference? Oh well, maybe the next 20lbs will bring some obvious change.

Eating has become such a chore. I just want to chew on something substantial. I'm sick of pureed and soupy.  I cheated and tried to eat a bite of baked chicken and broccoli last night. Bad idea! As soon as I swallowed it I started getting these horrible cramps in my back that would just take my breath away they hurt so bad. I really chewed this stuff too! well, after a minute or two it decided to come back up, so I had a glass of skim milk for dinner while my family ate chicken and dressing and broccoli with cheese (that I cooked!)

On a positive note, I haven't had any cravings for soda! I was a Mt.Dew junkie too! Water and sugar free kool-aid is working great for me.

Still having pain in my left side, its much less now though, and I can deal with it. Still gotta have some tylenol every once in a while though.

Note to Self

Feb 15, 2007

Just for my own reference... I'm 1 week and 1 day out and I finally feel like somebody!  The pain is nearly gone, I have energy, I slept all night, and stayed up all day! 

20lbs gone forever. 

Today is a good day!

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