Hey guys, well I do not think that my story is much different than anyone elses. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. I can remember being on a diet every year at my grandmothers house. we would go visit her for several weeks every summer. And at the end of vacation I always came home 20-30 lbs lighter. What a vacation hugh? She always made me loose weight, but as soon as school started it just came right back. I am so tired of being the fat girl. I want to buy clothes at regular size stores, and not be embarrassed in my bathing suit. My family lives in the lake, pool, beach or wherever there is water. It would be fun to look cute in my bathing suit instead of having to by the PLUS SIZE suit. I have been on every diet on the market. If it has a name I have tried it. Most successful until I stopped doing the diet just perfect. I was already overweight and I lost my mother about 3 years ago very unexpectedly. I gained 60lbs in a couple of months on top of already being 240 lbs. I am just way to heavy now. I am also having health issues with high blood pressure. I am a nurse so I know how dangerous this is.I started researching weight-loss surgery and will be having DS with Dr. Antelmo in January 16, 2008. I am very excited. I just graduated from Nurse Practitioner school and will begin my new job after surgery. I am truly going to have a NEW YEAR!! A whole new me. New job, and new body. How exciting!! I will keep everyone posted. Sabrina

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