I did it!! I was switched!!

Jan 19, 2008

Well, here I am after months and months of research and planning i am finally switched! My Surgery was Wednesday January 16, 2008. I was discharged to my hotel in Brazil friday morning. WOW recovery was interesting, waking uo from anesthesia is never fun. But for the most part I had a very smooth recovery. I had some nausea and vomiting the second night but Dr. A said it was because I was a little dehydrated. They gave me 2 liters of lactated ringers in my IV and I felt instantly better. The cotton mouth even went away. I have been able to drink fluids just fine. So far I have had juices, jello, gatorade, and chicken broth. My favorite has been the chicken broth. I also have some protein drinks from protica.com that are very good. They are 25g protein in 3oz. They taste like watered down jello, and are real sweet. They have very good flavor. I have been drinking 2 a DAY to get some protein in. Amyway for teh most part I am doing very good. Far better than I was expecting. Now I can not wait to weigh and see how my progress goes. By for now, Sabrina

Getting excited

Dec 22, 2007

Well I had my surgery clearance appointment with my primary care physician friday. He feels I am making a good decision. I only have about 3 weeks until I leave for my adventure in Brazil. I can not wait to have my DS. I am truly ready for every one to see the me that has been under all of this for so many years. I am so tired of being judged due to my weight. Hopefully I will truly have a "NEW YEAR"!!

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I did it!! I was switched!!
Getting excited