5 wks post - I try to stay off the scale, but I can't help it!

Jan 26, 2014

I have issues with wanting to stand on the scale daily. When I do, some days I loose some, some days I don't. But yesterday I actually gained 2lbs. Holy cow! I was searching these forums for answers all day and low & behold, this morning I stepped on the scale and I dropped 4lbs from yesterday. First time I have been below 240 in many years. As of this morning I was at 239.4lbs.

My point is don't sweat it. Just keep working my sleeve , drink your water, eat right, try to stay off the scale, and things will continue to goal. Easier said than done, because the scale keeps me focused. However I do know the man upstairs will decide what is his will and it will happen. For the record, down 49 since all time high and 33 since surgery. Keep the faith and God bless.


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