3 Months Post-Op today, 178 lbs, 48 lbs gone forever!

Jan 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day! Not only is my weight amazing the energy and feelings I have are making me a happier person! I am so glad I did this and I haven't regretted a thing, it was easy and it's been a journey that I can't imagine anyone who has battled weight issues not taking it is so sad! I have told so many people and I have about 5 who are going to go next!!! I am so happy and glad that Dr. A and Susan came into my life that I am sharing it with the world! I am telling it on facebook and any other internet site I can. His book has been read by several family and friends, I am going to buy more just to hand them out to people!!! I love this journey and I thank GOD Everyday, for this new life! my family feels the same way...my daughter has started taking better care of her self knowing how hard it is to lose after she's older.
Thanks friends for your support and I love the losers bench!!
started at 226
surgery at 212
3mo post op 178