Approaching Solid Food Stage

Apr 17, 2010

Next week I should get the okay to progress to solid foods and I can hardly wait.  Pureeing the food hasn't been a problem, it's the crushed calcium and vitamins and mixing them in fluid that have caused me to heave for the last couple of weeks.  I can barely get them down.  So being able to chew/swallow them will be a relief.

Went for my first hike in a year yesterday.   Made is up and down a couple of really steep climbs and it included some boulder scrambling.  A couple of times I felt very weak because I only had a couple of hundred calories from breakfast in me to draw from.  I will have to bring a healthy snack with me in the future, though it breaks that 3 meal a day rule.  Stayed hydrated.  We came up to a waterfall unnoticed where some photograhers were taking pictures of a young lady in her underwear!  Wonder if it came off after we left.


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