So what is my story? Well I have been heavy all of my life. I think at around puberty, I started packing on the pounds. My weight eventually climbed to 354 lbs. I have a gorgeous GQ-looking husband that always accepted and loved me at any weight. I decided that I needed to lose weight 2 years ago when I held my son, Zachary, for the first time. I used to have the mentality that I am fat, and everyone has to die of something. After having my son, I realized how selfish that thinking was. I want to teach him to eat healthy, and get exercise. First, I needed to learn that myself. I had a RNY on September 4, 2007. My surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Davis, featured on TLC's BIG MEDICINE. I was honored when Dr. D asked me to tell my story for the show. 
It has been almost five months since my surgery, and I have lost 136 pounds. I feel incredible and never regret the decision to have the surgery.

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