Yeepie I'm approved...

Aug 22, 2011

YaY I have a surgery date of 9/8. It took about 2 weeks to obtain this date; I know I would have gotten approved sooner if the insurance company didn't keep saying they didn’t get my paperwork from my doctor’s office.

Not sure which side was dropping the ball, but both sides were very helpful in trying to resolve the issue. On Thursday the doctor’s office called the insurance company to verify that they received the 3rd transmission of the paperwork when the insurance company informed them I was approved.  

I received a call that day with the date but I didn’t lock in the date till the Friday, I needed to see if the date was good for my mom and boyfriend.

I can’t wait, I do find myself in pig-out mode, for some reason I find myself wanting things that I haven’t eating before I started this journey, but I’m holding my ground (somewhat) LOL


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