where should I  begin im 39 yrs young I've been obese most of my life I had my first daughter at 19 I was 150 when I got pregnant and 250 when I delivered the Dr. did not seem concerned went on wit my life as a big girl tried everything to get off the weight never could lose gain u all know the cycle.About 5 years later had my second daughter went up to 300+ lbs and for 19 yrs been n0 lower than295 but I was a BBW...and proud very fat and very happy super sexy outgoing working in the medical field dating men was never a problem all men want to try a big gurl atleast once...lol been engaged twice still single then it all wnt bad when I got sick some crazy disorder that Drs.could not explain where it came from my right hip went bad no dr wil touch your hip at 300...so bypass was it for me if I wanted to walk and have a good quality of life so here I am 6wks out feelin ok n gettin better everyday

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