Gaining again.

Dec 30, 2014

I don't know what's happening... I'm gaining like crazy! I got down to 152 in August, and now I'm 177! I'm so angry at myself.



May 02, 2014

After months of testing and stressing, we finally have an answer. Hypothyroidism! This morning I started Levothyroxine so hopefully I'm on the road back to good health. 

Im getting a 3rd set of iron infusions, upping my Vit-D and folic acid. I just found out my zinc and copper are low too so I have to up those too. I'm feeling hopeful now. :) 


Back to 165!

Dec 23, 2013

Welp, I'm back to 165 lbs. *proud* I haven't been 165 since Feb 2009, so almost 5 years! It's really hard trying to lose weight the smaller you get.


Focusing on how far you've come.

Nov 02, 2013

I always look at how far I have to go, not how far I've already come. I was just looking at my old pictures of my pre-op self and I can't believe I'm sitting over here whining about feeling "fat" now. I mean, I feet fat because of all my loose skin (it really messes with your head) but it WILL be gone one day. I need to celebrate how far I've already come! November 5, 2013 is my 9 year surgiversary and I am thrilled to have lost 159 pounds! It's suuuuuper hard to lose weight now (being so far out from surgery) but I'm doing it! I highly suggest MapMyFitness app (iphone). It keeps me going! I can honestly say I've never stuck to an actual "diet" this long in my entire life, and it's not even a diet - it's a lifestyle change. That's what I didn't understand before now. You can't just "diet", you have to change your whole life/habits. I still mess up a lot, but messing up means I'm trying! In mid-September (2013) I reached 183 and I felt disgusting about myself. I started power-walking/jogging daily and set a goal for October to walk 100 miles. I've reached the goal and actually surpassed it! I'm soooo proud! I downloaded the app September 24, 2013 so it's been around 6 weeks now. My lifetime stats are saved in the app. I've walked/jogged a total of 135.92 miles! I'm just so proud of myself! Plus, I now weigh 169 again! I couldn't be any prouder of myself! My ultimate goal is to get down to the 150's (which, without my loose skin I'd definitely be there; if not in the unfathomable 140's!) I'll get there!



Dec 13, 2012

Well, my insurance denied both my surgeries. I thought they'd at least approve the thigh lift.  I'm so sad. All my dreams of jogging without the horrible pain of the mass of skin jerking everywhere are shattered.  All my dreams of walking without getting bruises, heat rashes, burning/itching, everything, are shattered. My dreams of exercising without my arm skin literally slapping me in the face and having such sore arms afterwards are shattered. I'm so sad about this. Of course the surgeries SOUND cosmetic, but if they had to live a day in my shoes they sure would have a whole different perspective.  
It's just not fair.

Fear not, I WILL appeal. I'm not giving up THAT easy.

No sir.



Jumping through hoops.

Dec 09, 2012

I've been jumping through the hoops that the insurance co. throws my way and I think an answer is finally coming about whether they are going to approve my surgeries (thigh/arm lift). PLEASE cross your fingers for me!!! I think today is the day! If they deny, I will be SO depressed, omg. indecision


Change of plan.

Nov 20, 2012

I recently had a new consult with a new surgeon and we're going to try to get approval from my insurance for an arm lift and thigh lift. Right now we're waiting on my PCP's letter of medical necessity. She should be done with it today or tomorrow. So excited! Well, cautiously exceited. I know it'll be hard to get them to approve one/both but I'm trying to be optimistic! :D I'll keep you all updated!



May 18, 2012

I feel like singing when I think about the surgeon I found! LOVE this doctor I just seen for a consult (who specializes in post-weightloss bodies). I can't understand why he gets a bad rep sometimes....  I'm not even telling you guys who it is because I don't want you to try to change my mind! He's done thooooousands of surgeries on people like me so he has to be good! ANYTHING he does to my body would have to make me look better than I look now, that's for damn sure!
My husband and I haven't yet decided how we're going to do this. Do we put 1/2 the money down, have the first set of surgeries in September 2012 and finance the rest through the office? Or do we wait until next year's tax return and just pay the first set outright? Idk... I'm so impatient! I want it like, yesterday!!!  My husband doesnt want to pay finance charges so I miiiiiight have to wait till February. We'll see.... I just emailed the coordinator and asked how much interest would be for in-house financing.

Plastic makes perfect, right?

May 12, 2012

I recently had a consult with a surgeon in Scottsdale (here in AZ) and it went okay. Right now I'm trying to figure out which procedures to get first because I want all of them (5) equally soooooo bad. It's torture having to choose! Let me break it down.

Mastopexy with Augmentation: Dr. S won't do breast implants without a lift (otherwise it wouln't look right) so that's 2 procedures in one. I want my breasts done because I literally have NO breast tissue and I've never felt like a woman. I just want to fill a bra for once in my life. All I have is deflated loose skin there. It's so embarrassing  What I wouldn't give to walk into Victorias Secret and pick out a bra I like, and actually fill it out (without it being tripple stuffed).

Thigh lift: The way pants fit, well, they don't. I have a lot of skin on my thighs and jeans/pants just don't fit right (or at all). This is one of my huge priority surgeries (the second one). I really need a lower body lift but an inner thigh lift would improve the way my my pants fit tremendously!

Arm lift: My first priority surgery. I live in Arizona so I'm always in a tanktop. It's really embarrassing having bat wings - especially when I'm only 25. I always have to be careful when I reach for something, and always have to be concious about how they look. It's a huge drag and the surgery would be amaaaazing for my self confidence (as would be other ones above this).

Tummy Tuck (revision):
In 2006 I had an extended tummy tuck. I then had 3 kids within 3 years. My muscles are ruined. If I don't hard core suck in I look atleast 6 months pregnant. Lately  there's constantly a lump and I'm constantly bloated. I know it's a hernia and I have to have it fixed, but what do I do? Get this lump fixed? Or get 2 lumps placed in my chest!? LOL!
I neeeeeeeeed all these surgeries but it's so expensive! I mean, I know I'll get all these surgeries eventually, but that sounds hideous having to wait for some of them. I have to decide and stop changing my mind every 5 minutes. bLaaaaaH.
Anyway, I have another consult this Tuesday (May 15) because I want a couple different point of views. The surgeon I'm seeing next actually specializes in post massive weightloss patients so this should be good for me.
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Mar 21, 2012

I'm proud to say that I'm STILL doing fAb, and again I'm out of the 170's! I've been stuck in there for a while so it's great to see 160's again! I'm still goin' strong trying to get back to 159 (& then lower).
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