Focusing on how far you've come.

Nov 02, 2013

I always look at how far I have to go, not how far I've already come. I was just looking at my old pictures of my pre-op self and I can't believe I'm sitting over here whining about feeling "fat" now. I mean, I feet fat because of all my loose skin (it really messes with your head) but it WILL be gone one day. I need to celebrate how far I've already come! November 5, 2013 is my 9 year surgiversary and I am thrilled to have lost 159 pounds! It's suuuuuper hard to lose weight now (being so far out from surgery) but I'm doing it! I highly suggest MapMyFitness app (iphone). It keeps me going! I can honestly say I've never stuck to an actual "diet" this long in my entire life, and it's not even a diet - it's a lifestyle change. That's what I didn't understand before now. You can't just "diet", you have to change your whole life/habits. I still mess up a lot, but messing up means I'm trying! In mid-September (2013) I reached 183 and I felt disgusting about myself. I started power-walking/jogging daily and set a goal for October to walk 100 miles. I've reached the goal and actually surpassed it! I'm soooo proud! I downloaded the app September 24, 2013 so it's been around 6 weeks now. My lifetime stats are saved in the app. I've walked/jogged a total of 135.92 miles! I'm just so proud of myself! Plus, I now weigh 169 again! I couldn't be any prouder of myself! My ultimate goal is to get down to the 150's (which, without my loose skin I'd definitely be there; if not in the unfathomable 140's!) I'll get there!


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