Feb. 8th 2010:A long journey this past year and a half!

Feb 07, 2010

Hello everyone,
I just passed my 3 year anniversary of my  WLS and I'm holding steady around 150lbs. I'm soo terrible and keeping up now that life has gotten soo busy. I'm not sure if there is enough room here to put everything down that has happen since my last post.
Last time I wrote I had gotten a promotion to supervisor and was still living at the ex-husbands (will FINALLY be final on March 4th 2010) house. My daughter and I moved out on July 14th 2008 and into a very nice home of a lovely friend of ours. The house was just the right size...on the top floor but had a huge basement and laundry room. The front and back yards were enormous and ended being way more than my broken down back could manage. (enter major problem  #1 between me and the landlords) I had an MRI on my lower back in August of 2008 white revealed 3 bulging discs in my lower back...so THAT'S what is causing all my pain!!! So the yard was difficult if not impossible for me to keep up with not to mention with my new position and driving all the way to West Farm left me barely anytime to eat when I got home and go straight to be. This wore on my daughter and thus...started a rough and painful downward spiral with both of our healths and emotions.  I had lost another 15+lbs that I didn't need to lose which brought me down to 138lbs and  very unhealthy. In fact I ended up in the ER dehydrated, enemic, low blood pressure and my heart was confused on what I needed it to do. I was worn out. That was like mid-Novemeber '08.
I had been running hard a ragged and I continued to do so despite what my Dr's and my body needed. I beefed up my vitamins, water and nutrition intake and it seemed to help. (by this time I had also gone through 3 cortisone injections in my back which were doing little to help.)
I loved my work and the people I got to work with. Everything came crashing down in what I, as well as literally hundreds of others, believe was not only a decision riddled by jealousy but also to make an example!  I was following proper procedures as I knew them with contacting dispatch about a situation I found myself in and followed her instrutions. (for legal reasons I can go into details) and found myself unltimately suspended for 40 work days without pay but also demoted back to bus operator. A devastating blow on several levels. 
From the end of March really all the way until just before the beginning of the '09-'10 school year I was living in a very dark and depressing place. My daughter and I went through sheer hell. By September '09 we had been evicted from our house, my car was repossed and we were homeless...for 2 1/2 months. Thank God we had some friends that let us stay with them for a short while. 
I fought my case and at this point I will have to take it to court if I choose to do so. 
Now, as I sit here and type this, we are comfortably enjoying our cute little apt. and can afford to live again. We have come across soo many blessing in this past year even though it was difficult to see many of them. 
We are doing awesome and I love being back on my school bus and being around children and doing what I love!!! 

I will write more later...I know...as if this wasn't long enough but I have soo much more to tell everyone!!!!
Love and hugs to all,
Until then... 


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