Brian Cantor

"I am now 7 years post op and still keeping all my weight off. I had the best surgeon in the world. I can't thank Dr. Brian Cantor enough for giving me the tools to live my life again. Since my surgery I've happily inspired many of my co-workers and friends to take better care of their health no matter what that means for them, regardless if surgery is right for them or not. The work begins after surgery and for the rest of your lives. I'm thrilled to say I've maintained a healthy weight for these past 7 years and I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to the gift Dr. Cantor gave me and that's having my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my size 8 jeans! Darcy"

Brian Shen

"Dr. Shen is wonderful! I've seen him for my gerd, depression, joint pain and now to get on with WLS. He's been very supportive of a healthier life for me and even has an incredible reference to a respected colleague who does the RNY laproscopically. I'm excited to continue working with him on this journey to a healthier ME!"
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