So where do I begin....

Always "large" since I was a teenager. College, I really put on the pounds and then combining five kids, a sedentary job, and a lack to do anything, got me to 474 pounds. I always knew I would have to do "something" but it always seemed less important than taking care of things now.

Started with a local place in 2008 here in Fort Wayne and went through the pre-op fun of a lap-band. Got to five days prior to surgery and doc delayed my surgery. I was pissed, confused, angry, you name it. Cancelled surgery since he wanted another surgeon in there. Decided to do it on my own....

And I did great, for about six months. Then the weight started creeping back on. Decided I had to do "something" but something wasn't going to involve this surgeon. So I did some more digging and found St. Francis down in Indy. Fantastic team, great people, had the RNY done on 7/20/10 and now...just losing and learning how to eat again.

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