Feel Good Labor Day

Sep 05, 2011

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12 miles....and how that has now become routine....

Jul 25, 2011

I have to chuckle at myself.  If it was not for technology, I would still be pissed at myself.

So this morning I went out and did 12 miles.  Nothing exciting, did not push hard at all.  Just wanted to get to the Y, weigh in, and walk out.  (256lbs for those of you keeping score at home).

Not too bad, not great either, want to hit that next goal at 237 but that may take another six months.  Finding that I am drinking way too soon after meals and I think that's causing the other digestive problems (along with flushing out my pouch...curse you/thank you missing pyloric valve.....)

But back to me.  So I get done and it was kind of a crappy ride.  Foggy, warm, busy traffic.  Just a crapcicle all around.  Get home, rip off the shirt and start uploading the stats off my phone and the band.  Cal burn was low, only 2 min vig which is getting to be the "norm" since I don't have to push as hard to hit the higher mph.  But the thing that woke me up was comparing my numbers in May.  I saw my 10-12 miles reports from earlier in the year and remembering how hard I pushed and struggled to reach 12-13 mph averages.  And today was over 14.

So I have nothing to bitch about.... 

One Year

Jul 22, 2011

Well, I'm past the one year mark.  A year ago I was sitting on the counch begging the worse pain of my life (thank you lactose intolerance).  My NUT kept pushing milk on me like a crack dealer, but I finally figured out what would work for me and now a year later...255 lbs, 11 miles on the bike this morning which was NOTHING besides a bunch of sweat from it being hot outside (87 at 08:00...yikes).  Looking forward to school starting soon and the cooler temps that come with that.  I am also looking forward to being able to just ride all day long with my iPad in tow for work.  Most of my job is online and on the phone so doing a ride to "somewhere" isn't tough to do.  

Would like to do more exercise wise this week, but the heat is keeping me inside.  I also need to keep updating this blog.  This is the only place where I think people "get" what the hell I'm doing (that is if anyone reads this drivel).  :-) 

Lifestyle Changes

Mar 20, 2011

Three years ago....I sat at my desk, at 474lbs spending the morning reading the internet and screwing around.  Probably had two Egg McMuffins for breakfast and then 32oz of Coke to start the morning.  Walking?  hell, any sort of exercise was NOT in my vocabulary.

Fast forward to today.

7919 steps since getting up at 05:00, 1:10 of "moderate activity" (thanks BodyMedia FIT).  Still putzed around on the Internet, but waiting for my kids prescriptions to get filled, and then I'll do my hour-plus "Tour of Huntington" bike ride to pick them up and drop movies off.

Already got my protein in (75g of Isopure) and 24 oz of water.  Another 24oz while I get some work done and then off to the tour.

Funny how this little surgery changes lives....

And surprisingly, I got some last night.  Thank GOD the gut is (mostly) gone.  :-)   

Ehhh...forget what I said yesterday....

Mar 18, 2011

12.1 miles on the bike.  Felt DAMN good to get out and the hip isn't screaming in pain.  Actually it feels better than it did before I left...odd.  

 Band practice tonight so hopefully I can nail my calorie goal of 3750.  BTW, I really really really love my Bodymedia FIT.  

Taking It Easy

Mar 17, 2011

So after a few days of 17k steps, burning over 4k calories a day...my hip decided that was enough.  So I'm back to sitting at my desk and getting work done as opposed to enjoying this 66 degree weather.  This is harder than you would think.

What does it mean to me?  Well it flashes back to "how things were" before I started this process and it pisses me off (and worries me).  I know that I have changed physically, but its SO DAMN EASY to fall back into bad habits.  

And now, a word from the pestilence currently occupying Brian..

Feb 27, 2011

It's always nice to have a cold once in a while.  I know my body holds onto water like a camel, and the cold does a magnificent job of flushing out all the excess water (and weight).  Made a trip to the gym this morning to just weigh myself...274lbs.  That's -200 from my highest recorded weight.  But it comes at a price of chills, fever, seating profusely, and general malaise...once in a while isn't bad but this has gone on for 48 hours now and I'm ready for it to be done.   


Feb 17, 2011

So against common wisdom/odd stares, I have started jogging.  My little BodyMedia FIT tells me that my bicycling isn't quite giving me the bang for the buck that I wanted (METS value is the same as walking...WTF?) and running almost DOUBLES the calorie burn.

So I have started jogging.  Mostly what I would call "interval running" (run half a block, walk half, run half), and today was the first day to do it around the neighborhood.  Have to admit it isn't too bad to do, especially since I can nail out 2k steps in about 15 minutes and get a good 10 minutes of "vigourous" workout under the belt.  Without driving to the Y and back.  That's even better.  :-) 

Six 3/4 Month Follow Up

Feb 14, 2011

First, the important stuff

Weight - 279.5 = -126.5lbs since surgery
Waist - 50 = -16" since surgery

OK, now the fun and not so fun stuff.  

I thought I was really proud of what I did.  I've been working my ass off, but I've also started slipping with food.  Basically chocolate.  I have no idea why but I crave chocolate like crazy.  Not ice cream, not cookies, but chocolate.  And milk.   Lots and lots of milk.  So now that we have an idea why I've been stalling lately.  The odd thing is that I'm NEVER going over my daily metabolic rate....if anything I'm usually 2,000 calories OVER what I eat.  Only thing that I can think of is muscle building back.

Which is the nice thing.  I'm starting to run now, mostly interval sprints which confuses the hell out of the people that are on the indoor track at the Y (run half a lap, walk half a lap walk, rinse, repeat).  Today was a DAMN good day for that, the little BodyMedia monitor said 1,068cal/10.112 steps in a 80 minute workout.  My goals are 90 min of activity daily and 12,000 steps which makes me feel DAMN good about today....

But I still fear what comes up in three months.  My nine month follow up.  The PA told me that my window for "losing" was going to close within the next few months.  And I'm not at goal.  That honestly was very disheartening and depressing.  But it also kicked me in the ass....well it did after I did all sorts of bad habits yesterday.  Thankfully the RNY told me I was being an idiot...

So what's next?  Redouble my efforts.  Been contemplating going to two protein shakes a day and that's what I'm doing.  It's starting to get "almost warm" so that mean I can crack out "Big Ugly" (my bicycle) and start putting miles on.  

And for those of you interested, here's the latest pic from this morning....

6 3/4 Months Post Op></a><br type="_moz" />
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                Hmm...lots going on behind that title.  Basically being a full time dad and primary income earner, and on top of that having the kids home for Christmas Break and forty other things going on....where do I begin?<br />
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How about on the easy stuff.  Down to 289lbs, a number that I didn
Well, at least I'm getting into a "normal" range clothing wise.  I've donated a ton of my older stuff and very little new stuff is coming in.  No need for ten pairs of dockets when I only need one or two.  I'm trying to condense my life into a smaller footprint (not ecologically...economically...but it has the same effect) and of course wearing smaller clothes = less space.  Nice.

Got my email about playoff tickets for the Bears and of course I'm going.  That will be pretty sweet, I was able to watch my Bears from the North End zone during the SuperBowl run years ago...something about he snow falling during the 4th quarter.  Magic just doesn't quite cover it.  

Now, back to being less of a fat guy.  This flu has really kicked off the water weight which is quite handy except it may come back.  I think I'm deep enough into the "2's" to never having to worry about seeing a "3" again, but you never quite know.  I am being much more active at home.  Stairs are easier now.  Running upstairs was always a pain, now it's a breeze.  Taking the kids to the Y is enjoyable, now that I can jump in and do what they are doing (except basketball...my 15 yr old can clean my clock on the court now).

What else?  Well, I won't get into the details about at home, but it's not changing and I don't know if it ever will.  Something needs to change.  

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