So I've Been Quiet Again

Jan 02, 2011

Hmm...lots going on behind that title.  Basically being a full time dad and primary income earner, and on top of that having the kids home for Christmas Break and forty other things going on....where do I begin?

How about on the easy stuff.  Down to 289lbs, a number that I didn't I would ever see in my lifetime.  The "thin" Brian is starting to make an appearance.  Get into the pool and it's really easy to see.  The gut isn't going away (at first glance) but it is shrinking.  I'm down to a 46" waist which I haven't seen since High School.  And I was the fat guy back then!  

Well, at least I'm getting into a "normal" range clothing wise.  I've donated a ton of my older stuff and very little new stuff is coming in.  No need for ten pairs of dockets when I only need one or two.  I'm trying to condense my life into a smaller footprint (not ecologically...economically...but it has the same effect) and of course wearing smaller clothes = less space.  Nice.

Got my email about playoff tickets for the Bears and of course I'm going.  That will be pretty sweet, I was able to watch my Bears from the North End zone during the SuperBowl run years ago...something about he snow falling during the 4th quarter.  Magic just doesn't quite cover it.  

Now, back to being less of a fat guy.  This flu has really kicked off the water weight which is quite handy except it may come back.  I think I'm deep enough into the "2's" to never having to worry about seeing a "3" again, but you never quite know.  I am being much more active at home.  Stairs are easier now.  Running upstairs was always a pain, now it's a breeze.  Taking the kids to the Y is enjoyable, now that I can jump in and do what they are doing (except 15 yr old can clean my clock on the court now).

What else?  Well, I won't get into the details about at home, but it's not changing and I don't know if it ever will.  Something needs to change.  


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