One Year

Jul 22, 2011

Well, I'm past the one year mark.  A year ago I was sitting on the counch begging the worse pain of my life (thank you lactose intolerance).  My NUT kept pushing milk on me like a crack dealer, but I finally figured out what would work for me and now a year later...255 lbs, 11 miles on the bike this morning which was NOTHING besides a bunch of sweat from it being hot outside (87 at 08:00...yikes).  Looking forward to school starting soon and the cooler temps that come with that.  I am also looking forward to being able to just ride all day long with my iPad in tow for work.  Most of my job is online and on the phone so doing a ride to "somewhere" isn't tough to do.  

Would like to do more exercise wise this week, but the heat is keeping me inside.  I also need to keep updating this blog.  This is the only place where I think people "get" what the hell I'm doing (that is if anyone reads this drivel).  :-) 


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