12 miles....and how that has now become routine....

Jul 25, 2011

I have to chuckle at myself.  If it was not for technology, I would still be pissed at myself.

So this morning I went out and did 12 miles.  Nothing exciting, did not push hard at all.  Just wanted to get to the Y, weigh in, and walk out.  (256lbs for those of you keeping score at home).

Not too bad, not great either, want to hit that next goal at 237 but that may take another six months.  Finding that I am drinking way too soon after meals and I think that's causing the other digestive problems (along with flushing out my pouch...curse you/thank you missing pyloric valve.....)

But back to me.  So I get done and it was kind of a crappy ride.  Foggy, warm, busy traffic.  Just a crapcicle all around.  Get home, rip off the shirt and start uploading the stats off my phone and the band.  Cal burn was low, only 2 min vig which is getting to be the "norm" since I don't have to push as hard to hit the higher mph.  But the thing that woke me up was comparing my numbers in May.  I saw my 10-12 miles reports from earlier in the year and remembering how hard I pushed and struggled to reach 12-13 mph averages.  And today was over 14.

So I have nothing to bitch about.... 


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