11 days post op

Aug 06, 2010

Sothings are not going as well as I thought (hoped) they would.  They are not going horribly either.  I have had most of my pain in the left side aroung the area where the drain was.  I ran out of pain medication, and that was uncomfortable.  I also did something foolish and I know beter, but I was just trying to see how bad it could be.  I ate a bite of Leo's chocolate pudding, the non-sugar free kind.  It actually tasted really bad, but I thought I would see what happened.  Well I dumped for the 1st time and it wasn't bad.  Of course I have had dumping issues my entire life before surgery with the IBS and lactose intolerance combo, so this was nothing compared to that.  I amvery tired and I'm not liking being back to work already.  I should have planned this a little better, maybe at Christmas time when I would have had 2 pd holidays back to back and then the xtra time off wouldn't seem so bad.  But then again I wouldn't be to the size I want to be by then and I may not have my ins at Christmas time, so better now than never.  I miss holding Leo and my temper is a little short with him.  It's not his fault he's 2 and acting like it.  I need to get him outside a little more, I've just not been up to it.  I love him so much.  Outhane invited us over Wed to teach me how to cook.  I've asked for almost 10yrs now and he waits until the week after my wls surgery to start.  He drives me crazy!


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