1.5yrs post op

Apr 11, 2012

The surgery did not do everything that I expected it to.  I guess I had this idea that with the weightloss things would get easier and in some ways they have, but not entirely.  The weight isn't coming off as easily as I thought it would, but I have become lazy, stressed, and found other things other than exercising to do.  I have lost and gained, but I am losing again so that is good.  I have lost almost 125lbs and I am down from a 26/28 to a size 16.  I have a good job at GMCR and things could always be much worse.  My son is 4yrs old and I am trying to keep him on a healthy diet so that he doesn't go thru the things I have.  At work there are severl other that have had similar surgeries and the results vary greatly.  Most of them have gained their weight back, but we support one another and try to keep things going.  The love life is still non existant, but I am learning to deal with it.  Hope to have better news next time I post.


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