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Aug 24, 2010

Just a little introduction...

In January 2008, I decided to started my weight loss surgery journey.  After a referral from my boss, I went to Beth Isreal in Boston, MA.  I am so happy I did!! Dr. Jones is THE BEST!  The support team is awesome.  I felt very comfortable with my decision.  The process was great and very thorough.  I felt like I was in good hands.

In March 2008, I had a lap band put in.  It was GREAT.  I had a great weight loss and was extremely happy.

In April 2009, I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  I was so happy but very nervous.  I was concerned about his nurishment due to the lap band being placed a year ago.  I immediately scheduled an appointment with my surgeon.  He wasn't too concerned because  I didn't get bypass.  It was just an unfill and I was on my way.  I WAS SO RELIEVED!!

I didn't have any issues until my 8th month. (At this point I had only gained 3 lbs my whole pregnancy) Something was terribly wrong.  I couldn't hold down anything for 3 DAYS!  I scheduled an emergency appointment and I was immediately admitted for dehydration.  Dr. Jones said it could have been a prolapse but further tests would have to determine that but it would be a rare occassion. I was put in an OB waiting room until we could get in for x-rays.  I was so nervous. 

Long story short... After my barium swallow x-ray, it was determined that my lap band had prolapsed and I had to get emergency surgery.  I just broke down.  So many things were going through my head.  He was a healthy little boy just over 5 pounds and I was assured there would be a team of OB doctors/nurses to stand by during the surgery to deliver IF anything went wrong but signing that dreadful paperwork was so nerve racking! 

The surgery went VERY well. Dr. Jones did a great job and most important Caden was healthy!  I was ready to carry full term (which I did!)  Delivery went well and I had a healthy 7lb baby boy.  

Well, I wasn't prepared for the tremendous weight gain after the baby.  I lost complete control.  I was working an hour from home.  It was so hard to balance life.  It took me about 7 months to decide to go down the weight loss surgery path again.  I scheduled an appointment with my surgeon and booked my gastric bypass/gallbladder removal for October 12, 2010.  I know there are A LOT more risks which is why a friend referred me to this community.  I do my research but I want info first hand.  Maybe meet someone who has been in my situation?  I look forward to meeting new friends!


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