My surgeon is leaving....

Apr 22, 2016

My surgeon is leaving his practice next week.  He is moving to Missouri and I am crushed.  Dr. Cunninham is the only surgeon that ever actually listened to me and diagnosed my problem and corrected it.  I don't know what I am going to do, they are talking about bringing in a Nurse Practioner to see his patients.


I have never has this kind of attachment to a doctor before and I don't know what to do.  Should I try and find another doctor that deals with bariatric patients or just continue to see my general practioner when I need blood tests done, etc.?

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Happy day

Apr 12, 2016

Happiness is weighing less than your driver's license says!



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Learning all over

Feb 13, 2016

You would think that I would learn, today I had a few bites of a ribeye, a bite of baked beans, and potatoes with cheese. I did ok and thought I could handle garlic bread. The answer is no, it stuck in my chest and caused dumping like I have never had before. 


1 month check up

Jan 28, 2016

I had my 1 month post op check up yesterday.  Doctor said I was healing just fine all the surgery openings have healed and I can resume my normal activities.  I have lost 28 pounds since surgery and I can now move onto regular foods.  He said to try and only add one new food per two days and see how my stomach handles it.  


I am having a little trouble getting in all my water so I have to work on that before the weather starts heating up here in the south.  I sure don't want to spend any time in the ER on an IV for being dehydrated.  I don't have to see my doctor until April unless I have any problems, yay.


Check up

Jan 06, 2016

I went in for my first check up today.  Doctor said I was healing fine, he took out the drain, and I moved up to pureed stage.  I also lost 14 1/2 pounds, wow, I am blown away.

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5 day update

Jan 03, 2016

Well I am feeling somewhat better.  I just don't like this drain that they left in me, just seems unsanitary.  But I am taking care of it.  I see my doctor on Wednesday and hopefully he will take it out and super glue it shut like all the rest of my incisions.  It is amazing that I am now held together with staples and Krazy glue, lol.


I'm still on clear liquids and that part sucks because I really want something like a scrambled egg and cheese.  Hopefully he will move me to the mushy stage when I see him on Wednesday.  Well that's all for now will update after I see the doctor.

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Jan 01, 2016

all I feel  like   doing is sipping and sleeping.  I have  never  had  so  much  pain,  please tell  me  it  will  go  away.  They released me at 1 today and I took a pain pill and slept for 2 hours.

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Hello friends

Oct 22, 2015

I haven't posted since last year and I am ashamed to come back and say that I have regained 45 pounds.  I am having a lot of stomach issues with ulcers and acid reflux, I had an endoscope done and my doctor found multiple ulcers and suggests that I have a revision surgery to an RNY.  I am afraid that if I have the revision I will just fail at that too.  I really thought I could get a handle on my eating but it never seems to be enough.  I can't seem to stop the constant grazing and I have eaten to the point of throwing up, but none of that seems to phase me.  

I met someone last year and he actually loves me for who I am and not how I look, (the extra stomach hanging, and extra weight).  I want to be able to enjoy the rest of my life with him no matter the length of time we have left together.  I knew if I came back here I would have to be accountable but I also knew my friends would understand what I am going through.  In essence I need a swift kick in the butt.  


just because

Oct 06, 2014

Been a while since I posted anything here.  I haven't been true to my eating plan I take a bite here and a bite there and after a while the pounds creep back on.  I wont make any excuses because there are none.  I enjoy chocolate and if I had it to do all over again I would never have take that first bite after surgery when I did.  I have always struggled with chocolate and I guess that it will always be a vice I have to contend with.  While some of my friends say their taste buds have changed and now cannot stand the taste of chocolate that isn't me.  


I knew going into this surgery and new life that it would not solve all of my problems but I was hoping it would take that one craving away.  I am trying to detox my body but the head is not listening, I can be grocery shopping and I avoid the snack aisle and before I check out that voice inside says, "you have been so good you can have just one piece of chocolate it wont hurt just this one time."  I really wish they would have taken that little voice out when they did the rest of the surgery.


Oh well life goes on.



Nov 17, 2013

I knew this would happen but I was hoping it would not have been until I reached goal.  I seem to go up a pound or two and then down a pound or two.  Maybe my body is telling me that this is where you are supposed to be and that it is done losing weight, I don't know anymore.  But at 19 months out maybe I should be happy where I am.  I do know that I would not change anything about the surgery it is what I needed and wanted to have.  I think I am just going to stop focusing on the scale and just continue to eat on plan.


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