I want my band removed after 10 years.

Nov 11, 2015

I want my band removed after 10 years.

Every bariactric doctor I have a consulted with, wants to do a revision. Idon't want one.

I am fine with my weight the way it is now.

Now , also , I have having pain in my stomach over the last 4 weeks and it is very common for me to have gastritis and esophogits once or twice a year.

But this time it is accompanied by pain in one spot, which is different from the past episodes and I am on 4 previcids a day, which is the maximum and generic mylanta.

The last bariactric surgeon I consulted with, says if , after endoscopy, with my gastroenterologist, I have erosion, he will do an "open" revision, which I do not want.

I do understand if there is alot of damage, from a possible erosion, that repair work does need to be done.

However, I do not want a revision.

My problem, all the bariactric surgeons, I have consulted with this year, just want to do this.

I don't feel I can trust any of them that I have consulted with ..as far as band removal.

I am on Medicare with a vey good supplemental insurance,however that limits me to choices,  as I am 67.

Also I am in So California.

Help, I need adivise.



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