After putting my WLS journey on hold to have a beautiful daughter, I am back on track and ready to be banded. I had to go into Dr. Woodman's office last Wednesday toupdate my information so that they could send it off to the insurance company. I called UHC this morning and they said they had received my packet and I will have an answer in 30 days (but they person I talked to said that they usually don't take that long). My husband had his information submitted a week earlier so I am hoping to hear about his surgery soon. We are hoping to have surgery around the same time so that we can make this huge life change together. We are looking forward to getting healthy together and being good examples for our girls. I am working on adding some pictures of them.

December 27, 2006
Last week we were both approved!!!!!!  We start testing next and then hopefully will get a date

April 4, 2007
Well, I am six days away from surgery and I am ready to move to the losers bench.  Mark (Husband) has been banded for 3 weeks now and is doing great.  He has lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks.  I can already see a big difference.  

I have decided to set some goals for myself and post them here to keep me accountable.  I have also decided to use rewards for when I reach certain weight goals without regard to time.  In the past I have said "I want to lose this much by this day"  When I didn't I was so discouraged.  This time I will reach my goals when I reach them and I will reward myself accordingly.  

My Main Overall Goal:   Lose weight no matter how great or small.  I will get there eventually.

Goal #1    -25 pounds    (250)  Day at the Spa- Hair, Nails, Toes. The works!
Goal #2    -50 pounds    (225)  Girls Weekend
Goal #3    -75 pounds    (200)  Trip to LA with Husband
Goal #4   -100 pounds   (175)   Family Beach Trip
Goal #5   -110 pounds   (165)   Trip to NY for new Wardrobe

Special Goal: Husband and I both at Goal: 7 Day Cruise, just the two of us, just like our Honeymoon. 

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