Apr 17, 2010

Ok well I haven't been updating at all and I'm sorry for that.  In the recent 2 yrs I have moved to Michigan and contacted the Hurley Bariatric Center, got insurance and been seeing a family doctor.  I have Diabetes and Neurapathy in my feet, severe back problems, but will get rid of some when I have my surgery.  I have been cleared by my doctor and psych doc also.  Just waiting on the insurance company to approve....we all know how that goes, it may take a few times to get it but I'm stubborn and dont give up...I will give them life depends on it...  I'm single now and trying to adjust to it.  The kids and I are doing fine, we have a very supportive, loving family.


First doctors appointment on 3/20/08

Mar 13, 2008

Well finally its time for my first doctors appt. with my surgeon.  So I can get my real weight and see if I'll be able to get financed for the surgery.  He wants to do lap band instead of RNY so I'm a little botherd by that. I would prefer to have the RNY but I'm also desperate and will do the lap band if I have to.  Hopefully it will all work out, I'm praying....

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First doctors appointment on 3/20/08