I had no idea how hard this revision was going to be

Dec 02, 2011

I am a band revision to the sleeve on Nov. 23. I was in the hospital for 5 days. I vomited for 4 days straight in the hospital. On the 4th day I was able to sip broth but still vomiting up clear foam and fluid. The 5th day I was discharge and spiting up foam. The foam spiting was there until day 8. I had my first post op visit and I lost 17lbs trust me right now I do not care about the weight, but how awful I feel. I am so emotional and this recovery has been extremely hard on me. When I had the lap band done it was a breeze. The doctor told me this is all to be expected. I was told I could try soup, applesauce, liquid yogurt, cream of wheat. I was looking forward to something more than clear liquids, but to be so disappointed. Thursday night I slowly had 1/3 cup soup...dumped it. Friday I had 1/3 cup applesauce everything was going fine it took me 3 hours to get it down, I took a small walk and dumped it. My esophagus is sore and burning. I am burping consistently which is good to relieve the pressure. My throat feels so tight.


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