Hello, My name is Lesleigh Campbell.. I am presently 28 years old.  I am married and have 3 children ages 12,10, 7 soon to be 8.. Oldest to are boys and the baby is a girl.. I had RNY on Feb 3, 2003.  I weighed 230 pounds the morning of surgery.. I was always the fat kid in school and the one that was made fun of.. I came home from school many of days crying.. I always wanted a house full of kids so when I got married in Dec. of 1999 we soon began trying to have a child.. I went to my GYN and found out that I had PCOS.. I have never been so upset in all my life, because he said that I might not beable to have childern on my own.. I went to a ferility clinic and they did the dye test through my tubes and then they found that only half of my uterus had developed.  So then is when I realized that my dream would never come true.. But in the back of my mind I just kept thinking if I could just get this weight off it may still happen.. So the hope of having a baby at this time kind-of came to a stop.. It was the year 2000.. I went back to college and got my LPN degree and graduated in Dec. 2001, and of course like everyone else I continued to gain weight in school.. Between the studying and working full time, it was always eating on the run and the bad stuff.. When I graduate from nursing school I weighed in @ 190 pounds.. Oh, yea I'm only 4'11 1/2" tall, so 190 pounds was alot.. My husband and I had talked about adoption and that was still out in the open..  So in Oct. of 2002 my mother actually approached me about having the gastric bypass surgery.. She and I went to the group meeting and there we meet the greatest surgeon in my opinion Dr. John Touliatos, MD.. He was wonderful!!!  As soon as we left the meeting and got into the car I called his office and got an appointment for November 26, 2002.. Which this date happened to be my 23rd birthday.. From November 26, 2002 til Feb. 3, 2003 is all that I had to wait.. Which then it didn't entitle everything that it does now.. So on Feb 3, 2003 is the day that my life changed.. I was scared to death and almost tried to back out when they had me in the holding room b4 they took me back for the surgery.. But when Dr. Touliatos came in a prayed with me I knew that I was making the right decision.. I had my surgery done @ Monclair Bapist in Birmingham, Alabama.. My MD like I said was wonderful, but my stay at the hospital was terrible.. I guess being a nurse myself I know how you are to treat your patients and I was not treated with the respect that I should have been treated with.. The nurses were terrible.. You know when you come out of surgery you go straight to the ICU.. Well, I don't tolerate pain well and I wanted my pillows fixed.. I was out of it, but not to the point that I couldn't hear what was being said around me.. I had a nurse that said this surgery was elective and she shouldn't be complaining... Well, the thing that we learn in nursing school is that you never ever talk over your patients.. I did report her, I don't know what became of it..  Just my whole experience in the hospital was not good.. But I would do it again.. I dropped the weight rather fast and was continuing to have female troubles.. I had already had a couple of laps done due to endometreosis(SP) so in Aug of 2003 I ended up having to have a total hysterectomy.. I wasn't completely healed from the GBS and wasn't physically really up to having this surgery, but I had to.. It was a really hard next 8 weeks.. I stayed so sick, but when I was finally better it was so nice not to hurt.. I never knew what it was not to hurt until after I had the hysterectomy..  So now having kids on my own was completely out.. In Feb. 2004 my husband and I looked into our county's DHR foster parenting classes.. We started classes and by May of 2004 we had 3 childern.. In Sept of 2005 our adoption was final.. I guess in 2005 or 2006 I was at my smallest weight.. And now it brings me to the year 2008.. I have gained roughly between 30 and 40 pounds from my smallest and I am trying to get back on track.. My pouch still works, I've just been eating the wrong things.. I am a carbaholic.. I love my crackers!!!  But I am doing better.  I've gotten away from taking my vitamins.. But now I'm back on them.. I am determined that this weight will come off and I will get to my goal weight of 110 pounds...

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