June 2005 , went to see my family Dr about WLS , she sent a referral to the new Dr in Halifax,after 2 months  they advised her that there would be a 5 year wait , so I asked her to refer me to Dr B in Moncton . I e-mail him the following message on November 22/05 " My name is Sherry Campbell, my family Dr has sent off a referral for weight loss surgery . She received a reply from your office along with a questionnaire and information on Lap Band coverage information from MSI. I live in Nova Scotia and have been told I have at least a five year wait. I spoke with your secretary last week briefly and she advised that I was 865 on a list and would probably have a two year wait. She advised that if I received confirmation from MSI I would be able to have my name placed on a list that is not as long.
Can you tell me if you practice other types of weight loss surgery?
Is the wait list for Lap Band two years long?
Where do I go from here to get MSI approval?
I would say you are a very busy man and I would appreciate any guidance you can
His reply
"You can call MSI, they cover for the gastric bypass, but only cover a part of the lap-band procedure. Even if you are pre-approved, you have to pay the band itself, and cover my fees and anesthelioligist fees, and then get the reimbursment from MSI. If you prefer gastric-bypass, then you need pre-approval, so, if you call MSI, or ask your family phisician to request your pre-approval, send a copy or the answer from MSI to us, you would get your consultation sooner, if you already know that you want a Lp-Band, say so when you send the letter, it will be faster.
I hope this help you somehow, I'm sorry about the waiting, but there is too much job in this field for one surgeon alone, I know you can understand.

November /2005 I contacted my family Dr , she wrote a letter to MSI and within a month it was approved.

I had my first consult with DR B , he advised that they were running behind because of summer vacations and that I would most likely have my information session in November and my surgery 5 to 7 months after that.

October /2006 I was told that one of the people that give the info session was going to be off for a month because they were having surgery so the info session would likely be January now.

Nov 6, 2006 had a call for a cancellation , on Nov 7th, but I could not attend ( I had a family emergency) , so I am waiting for my session .

 September 11/2007 
Finally my info session ... What a day ! Received lots of information from a variety of excellent sources. I guess the highlight would be meeting Julie who lost 244 lbs , what a change !! Wow!!

September 25/2007
Recieved a call to go sign my consent papers on October 19th at 11:00 am... says the surgery should happen by January 2008.

November 5/07

Received a call , they had cancellation I could have my surgery on November 20th, 2007 , but I must start diet right away and come to Moncton on Friday .

November 9th , 2007 

Had all my testing and was informed that the surgery was a go ahead , but I had to go back on the 15th to make sure I lost more weight.

Nov 20th - checked into the hospital at 9:00 , surgery at noon.

November 22/2007 - released from the hospital and headed home

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