Liquid Diet Day 7

Apr 18, 2011

I'm currently on Day 7 of my liquid diet and I still find it as challenging as day one. I am used to eating and still haven't found the right niche to fall into. I am drinking the BariEssentials and OptiFast and not minding the taste of either. The thing that is so hard is the mental feeling that I need the food. I know the protein shakes are satisfying me but I miss the chewing. I wanted to weigh yesterday but don't own a scale that goes high where I need it so I went to the local emergency room. Call me crazy but they actually had no problem weighing me and I lost 8 POUNDS in 6 DAYS! I was so proud of myself. Absolutely thrilled. It made me feel that what I'm doing is right and it also gave me motivation to keep going with it. I can't wait for my surgery date which is in 15 days, May 2nd 2011. I am counting them down like no other. I can do this! 


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