Wow...where do I begin? Well like everyone else I am sure, I had tried everything to lose weight over the years. And nothing worked. So, I found out my insurance covered the procedure and I went for it. That part was the easy part. I can tell you that recovery was a b*tch to put it midly. I have never experienced that kind of pain. Learning to eat again was a pain in the a$$.  It took probably 6 months for things to become "normal" again. Yes, the weight fell off of me. And when it wasn't falling off of me, I lost inches.  I shrank before my very eyes.
What I had no clue was about to happen is that my entire life was about to change. And it turned into a wild ride. I kept a journal, several in fact about my journey. I would love to share them with you.

Stayed tuned for my upcoming blogs.

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