**MAY 6, 2001
The first part of this odessey is shown in my Part 1 profile....I ran out of room and have built this second page to share the rest of my story.

I had my surgeon consult last Friday. Dr. Zorn is....well, what can I say? I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. I originally wanted to have Dr. Tanaka because I appreciate his sarcasm and his sharp mind, but I think Dr. Zorn has the personal kindness that I will need post-op. I had 3 pages worth of questions to ask him. He sat there patiently and answered every question I had. He even asked me if I was in the medical field because the questions I asked were so good. Dr. Zorn felt I would be a good candidate for Lap, even though I've already had a Lap procedure before (gall bladder removal). Problem is, Kaiser doesn't approve Lap, only open. Bastards. So, It looks like I should be able to get a June suregry date.

My mother called Saturday. My son and I usually go visit her in Ottawa every summer, but I told her I coulnd't come this year. She asked why and I told her it was because I'd be having surgery. She didn't want to talk about it and she cut the conversation short. WELLLLL, she called me yesterday and was had a very open and frank conversation about WLS. I agreed that it was drastic, but I don't want to be the yo-yo queen for the rest of my life (like she is). My mother is 5'4" and 230 lbs. I'm not going there. And I totally understand why she's nervous - she doesn't want to lose me. I don't want to lose me either. The conversation was as emotionless as it could be - just the fact ma'am. She can't support my decision for WLS, but she can support me....I'll take what I can get. I also spoke to my father about it. He had some similar concerns, but I think he understood a bit better. My mother has always been in pretty good health. My father, on the other hand, knows what it is to be ill - he's had
several different health issues to deal with.

Anyway, I'll be calling Pacific Bariatric this week for a date. I want to nail downthe schedule pretty soon. I'm waiting until June because my step-son has his 5th grade graduation, my step-daughter has her birthday and the kids will be out of school. I'll update more later this week!

**MAY 14, 2001
Well...I got a surgery date. July 18th. Do I sound excited. Not really. I was hoping for June - my boss will be on vacation and wanted me to try to schedule it for the end of June, when he'll also be out of the office. Also, my mother is coming on July 13 for a few days....I really wanted to be post-op and "almost" back to normal when she comes. I'm on the cancallation list, so maybe........ will update again if anything changes. Ugh....this is getting to be soooo much already.....

**MAY 29, 2001
Well, I was going to call PB this morning and ask for a closer date, maybe with another surgeon. I think I'll just leave things as they are. With my luck, I'll start to try to make things happen faster and I'll end up with a November 2001 date.... I guess I don't have much more to say right now except that, God help me: I hope this isn't the biggest mistake of my life.

I saw the MSNBC show the other night FINALLY! It was really well done. And actually, I think they could have done a 2 or 3 hour show. I wonder how Bob Goldstein is doing now??

**MAY 31, 2001
Yup, back already! It's weird... I've been posting here for a while and suddenly I have been receiving e-mails frompeople who are reading my profile. I know that I send notes to other people, but I never figured any one would send me a note! It's neat... And even through I'm still a pre-op, I feel like I have a lot to offer in terms of advise, resources, etc. for other WLS-seekers. I'm also now a co-hostos WLS board at Ivillage, if you ever want to join or even just lurk. It's kind of a new thing, but if we can help one person get some answers, it's all worth it. Here's the URL :

I spoke to my mother again yesterday and she's still very against me having surgery. She thinks it's a cop out, she's scared I'll die and she thinks it's one of my stupider ideas. Harumph.... That's fine. I know it won't be easy, but this is something I'm doing for ME. I've done a lot for a lot of other people and I'll be damned if I don't take advantage of this opportunity to get healthy. I'm only 31, for Pete's sake! I'll bet if I asked any 50-yo WLSers if they would have preferred to wait to 50 to have WLS, I'll bet 98% of them tell me they wish they'd had it at 31 (or before). So, I'm not going to cancel to back out of this because of fear. I'm going to follow this to the end because I TRULY BELIEVE that it will help me regain control. Okay, a little bit of me still thinks it's a miracle cure. But the rest of me know it's not. It can be broken. More later....

**JUNE 6, 2001
I think I've damaged my brain....what I mean is, I've convinced myself that my surgery date is sooner than it really is. My date is July 18th, but I keep thinking and telling people it's July 17th....what's the deal?? Maybe I have ESP and someone is going to call me with a sooner date ???? Sh-yeah, right! With my luck they'll call and say, "oh, did we say JULY 18th? Sorry, we meant OCTOBER 18th..." That's the kind of luck I have.

So, I find myself very much in tune with any and all issues that have to do with mistreatment of heavy people. As a person of color, I will often notice varying degrees of prejudice, although I may not announce that I've noticed. It's the same with weight. I'll notice how a normal-sized shopper is treated differently than a similarly dressed heavy shopper. Or, in movies - I watched What Women Want last weekend on video and I was DISGUSTED when Mel's (we're on a first-name basis;-) character suggests to the heavy girl that she shouldn't eat the danish. WHY dopeople feel the need to "HELP" us heavy people? They always think they have the right to comment on issues that are related to our weight/size. You would NEVER hear a white co-worker tell her black co-worker "oh, you know, I think that you should stay out of the sun - you're dark enough already". BUT, you *could* hear "oh, Carey, are you eating again?" WHAT THE HELL???? Why is it always soooooo acceptable to remind, punish, humiliate, infuriate, embarass, mortify, ridicule, insult and belittle a heavy person?????? And why do we never speak up for ourselves? Is it that we're just too embarassed? Or is it that we think the speaker is right?

**JUNE 8, 2001
I think I need therapy. I just CANNOT get over the fact that several PB patients have been scheduled before me. I saw 2 today that were scheduled within a day or two of me and they're both scheduled for June. I know that I should be happy I even made it through the Kaiser fiascos and that I'm blessed to have a date, but I CAN'T get over it. I'll write more later...I'm getting a headache....

**JUNE 11, 2001
I had a frank discussion with my fiance on Friday night about a lot of things and WLS came up. I believe that WLS will help solve a lot of problems I have and those solutions will, in turn, help the relationship. One of the things I mentioned was the screaming pain I have in my left heel (heel spur??). IT gets to bad sometimes that I actually get goosebumps all over - like the cold feeling you get just before you pass out.'s nasty. Anyway, last night he says he didn't really understand about some of my co-morbs/ailments until the other day. He's had foot pain (pins and needles) before and can appreciate my position a little better.

I called Myla on Friday and she left me a message that there were no cancellations - my date is still July 18th. I know, I know....get over it, Carey. Can't. And when surgery's all can fill in the blank.

**JUNE 14, 2001
WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THROUGH TO THESE PEOPLE??????? YES!!!!! I A M I N C E N S E D!!!!!!! I am witness to yet ANOTHER PB patinet getting in before me. WHAT THE F#CK??? This person saw the SAME surgeon in JUNE and is scheduled for a WEEK before me. IS IT JUST ME??? I know I'm being petty as HELL, but I can't help it. I SPECIFICALLY asked for a June date (has my last consult on May 4th) and all they could come up with was JULY 18TH?????? I've got a message in to Laurie at PB. I did speak to her the other day and she was sincerely sorry - she said she'd talk to the scheduler and see if there's anything they can do for me. I'm one touch bitch, though. I swear - ONE MORE PERSON get in before me and I'm going to the press!

**JUNE 22, 2001
Well, today is my 32nd birthday - hopefully the last one that holds nothing exciting for me on birthday night. Next year I'll be painting the town red and partying like a rock star!

I'm gonna be "angeling" for Nance - her surgery is July 9th and she's gonna do awesome. This I know because only the good die young and Nancy'll be around LONG after we're all dust (kidding, Nancy!). More later!

**JUNE 29, 2001
Well, less than 3 weeks from surgery. People keep asking me if I'm nervous or excited. Not yet. I am bummed, though. I'm bummed that Kristin passed away due to a blood clot. I'm bummed that just when Lisa in England started to enjoy her weight loss and she started dancing again, she got meningitis (not RELATED TO WLS) and died. I'm bummed that Jess is still in ICU and none of the friggin' nurses have walked her yet. I'm bummed that we try so hard to be normal and what do we get? We get to DIE. What's that about? I was watching some normal (read: skinny) people walking around La Jolla yesterday and I was thinking "wow...they have no idea the difficulties we have doing the things they just take for granted." I'm not blaming them or hating on them for being normal. It's just interesting. They seem to be repulsed by us for being fat and then we try to DO something about it permanently, they say it's the easy way out, or they don't get it. They really don't get that walking to lunch can be more
trouble than it's worth. I've been ordering my lunch sandwiches (when I don't bring lunch) because walking to the deli is just too much. Nice, huh? By the way, I think I've gained about 5 lbs. Not sure - don't have a scale. But it feels like it. I am looking forward to getting this damn surgery over with and moving on. Once I'm post-op I'd like to forget all about it, but I know I won't. My mother is still against it, but she'll be in town to help out. I think I'll bring her to the pre-op testing....

One more thing....I went to the beach last weekend with my SIL and we took the kids. It was an area of Mission Beach that is infamous for it's basketball playing cuties. We didn't intend to go there, but the other park was too crowded, sooo..... ANYWAY, SIL had never been to this park. WHAT?!? A single hottie like you who is FROM here didn't know about this little treasure trove?? Well, she did't. Okay...I'm getting to my point already! There we sit watching the kids play in the playground and occasionally we steal little glances at the cuties (SO?? I may have the goods at home, but I can still LOOK, can't I??) It occured to me at that point that nobody except Tracy and the kids knew I was there. What a strange phenomenon. I used to go out there and I'd be swamped my propositions, some vile, some not so vile. The point is, not a SINGLE guy looked my way. As a matter of fact, I felt bad for Tracy because I was probably blocking them from getting a good look at her! Damn my big ass! Anyway, it was just kinda weird not to get any man attention like I used to get. And I didn't like it! That's all...

**JULY 5, 2001
Less than 2 weeks away. Not much else to say except people are funny. I was looking at the Q&A board and I just HAD to respond. It's funny how people can be so damned catty, but they don't want anyone to know who they are....are you all afraid your surgeon might be watchin' or something????? ;-)

**JULY 11, 2001
In exactly one week I will be in surgery. Hmmm.... I'm not scared or really excited. I am having a little trepidation, I guess. Not necessarily about dying on the table (which could very well happen). More about coming out fine and having severe complications that will reduce my quality of life to a fraction of what it is now. THAT is scary. The best scenario would be no complications, total adjustment to all foods, normal weight loss (not too much, though), increased activity and energy, and overall sustained long-term success. The worst case would be open wound that needed to be packed daily, severe internal infection, pneumonia, coma, rehab for a get the picture. I'm not trying tobe morbid, just making myself aware of the possible complications. I'm the kind of person that needs to be reminded that not all things that happen are good. I try to be positive, but I find myself disappointed when bad things happen. I need to hope for the best and plan for the worst. (I hope my vibes
don't get me in trouble here.) And it's like a crap shoot. Jessica had a bad time in the hospital and is having a somewhat difficult time at home. Nance said it's about the easiest thing she's done. I'll have to call her today for an update.....maybe that was the morphine talking? Anyway. I'll probably update this profile one more time before surgery. Until next time...

**JULY 31, 2001
Well! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm now a post-op. Surgery was without complications. My very wonderful and supportive fiance has been a true blessing in these early weeks. I'm doing pretty well, although I do have a summer cold. I'll write again soon with the details of my hospital stay.

**AUGUST 3, 2001
The 1st things I need to say is THANK YOU GOD for allowing me to take this journey and have a complication-free surgery. I know that many people have problems and I have truly been lucky to have none.

Now on to the hospital stay: NO COMPLAINTS. I had the PCA (demerol for me) and I walked and I showered and I slept (some) and my nurses were all superb. I feel that having WLS with a center and hospital that KNOWS WLS makes a world of difference. The fiasco with Jessica Thorne's hospital stay made me extra grateful to have been a Mercy patient. When I woke up after surgery I was not in pain. It was hard to wake up after the anesthesia, but I did it. The only real pain was when I tried to sit up from a lying position. Oh, and coughing. That KILLS!

The hardest part of this whole thing has been not being a glutun. I'm so used to feeding my face until I'm stuffed to the gills, that eating until I'm no longer hungry is a strange phenomenon.

My incision looks great. No openings, no leakage. No tubes or drainage devices. No staples. The line is long, but very thin. Which is good for me because I have keloid skin.

I have never owned a scale in my life, but I'll be buying one this weekend. See, 3 girls at work are trying to lose 20 lbs (heh, heh) and they said I could join the "diet group" with them. They all knew I was having the surgery, but they had a 2 week head start. Let's just say I think I'll be winning that one!

Not much more to say right now. I'll update again after I get that scale!

**AUGUST 5, 2001
I bought a scale. I hope I don't start obsessing and weighing every day. I'll try to keep it to once a week. I now weight 260. That's 19 lbs down. I'll take it!

**AUGUST 23, 2001
Me again. I'm down to about 250 now. People say they can see the difference, but I'm not sure I can yet. No worries. I know it will come. I'm starting to get real bored with food. It's almost like I have no appetite. Don't get me wrong, I DO get hungry, but sometimes I don't care. Before surgery if I got hungry, I HAD to eat - actually, I had to OVEReat. It's a weird thing... More later!

**SEPTEMBER 17, 2001
I think I've just broken the plateau from hell. I was at 247 forEVER - for about 3-4 weeks. Now I'm about 242. Don't know what I did to break it except drink more water. But while the plateau was happening, I seemed to have lost inches. It's a very weird thing to have your clothes start to get looser, but the scale doesn't move a notch.

Tomorrow will be one week since the tragedy. You all know what I'm talking about. Without getting too deep into it, I just want to say a few things to anyone who may be reading this. STOP TARGETING AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO YOU PERCEIVE TO BE ARABIC TERRORISTS. You are perpetuating a problem that has existed in this country since it's earliest days: RACISM AND HATE. Sihk, Hindi, Muslim, Arabic, Jewish people are not ASSUMED to be terrorists. You are NOT the FBI. Please stop persecuting these people just because YOU think they are terrorists. With that said, I would like send a special note the actuall terrorists: you dirty, putrid, cowardly bastards. How DARE you incinerate absolutely innocent people. I realize you targeted areas where civilians work and live because you KNOW that trying to attack a military installation or other armed outlet would be near to impossible. What "real heros" you are to your operation. True martyrs in your suicide mission. And the families that you've destroyed, the children you have left without a parent, the parents you have left without a child, the rescue workers who have succumbed, the people trapped but alive who will never see the light of day - these people had NOTHING to do with your war. So whatever point you intended to make has been lost on us. Thanks for nothing.

**SEPTEMBER 26, 2001
I'm down to about 235. Feeling really good. Feeling SASSY!!

**OCTOBER 8, 2001
Down to about 230 lbs. I think I just broke another LOOOOOONG plateau. I'll take what I can get. I had my 1st vomiting experience last Friday. Totally my own fault. I was eating chicken and rice and forgot to eat slow and chew. BLECHT!!! I knew when the next bite would NOT go down that I had a problem. I waited a few minutes, tried to writhe my way to loosen the food that was stuck, to no avail. Then I *knew*. And I made a dash for the bathroom (thank God I was home at the time). You got it. The stuck bits came right back up. And man! Did I feel better after that. I guess I'm lucky that at almost 3 months post-op that's the 1st time I've been sick. GO ME!!

**OCTOBER 19, 2001
Well, it's 3 months. I'm at about 227, but not exactly sure. I don't weigh very often. I feel REALLY GOOD, though. Ahem...about the hair loss...I guess I am having a bit of loss. It's not coming out in chunks, but I do notice that instead of the short hairs that break, I find long ones, like they're coming out of the root. Whatever. It'll grow back and if it gets bad, I'll cut it all off. I'm cute enough to get away with a really short hairstyle now ;-)

**NOVEMBER 2, 2001
Loss has slowed, but, again, I'm not worried. If I only lose 5 lbs a month, that'd be good for me. My biggest problem?? I'm not exercising. Why not? Because I'm lazy. I've never denied that. I WAS( one of those heavy lazy people. My favorite pass-time is SITTING with a really good Jonathan Kellerman book. Anyway, I am noticing some loose skin and I probably should exercise. I've never been into exercise for the sake of exercise. But if I don't do something soon, I'll be nothing but a pile of skin with eyes and teeth. ('s not that bad). I should set a goal. Walk to the park and back 3 times per week. I could do that. It's close - 2-3 blocks....not MILES away, blocks away. Okay. Goal#1: walk to the park and back ONE time this weekend. I can do it. Will advise whether I actually do it or not....;-)

**NOVEMBER 6, 2001
Okay, I have a PERFECTLY reasonable explanation for why I DIDN'T walk to the park and back last weekend.... I actually cleaned out my fridge Saturday and all the squatting and stooping left my thighs like jello for the rest of the weekend, hence, no walk to the park. If I had used my head, though, I would have realized that the walk probably would have HELPED my sore legs, not hurt them. I am such a lazy bitch!

**NOVEMBER 17, 2001
Nifty. I'm down to 219. I LIKE it! We're going away on Monday and, except for the fear of crashing and dying in a fiery death, I'm actually looking forward to the flight. At least this time I'll fit in the damn seats! Total off topic....can I just say it SUCKS to be a grown up sometimes! I'm stressing about money and Christmas coming up. I thought I was doing good, then I realized I had bills to pay...CRAP! There goes the Christmas nest egg money....c'est la vie, I guess! Later...

**NOVEMBER 26, 2001
214 - go away for Thanksgiving and come back LIGHTER!! AND I was able to eat a great thanksgiving dinner: just a little of everything PLUS one bite of cheesecake! IT WAS AWESOME!

**DECEMBER 21, 2001
210 yesterday....lovin' it! I finally have a picture scanned in. It's a post-op pic taken last week at my company holiday party. Not bad lookin'!! Anyway, post-op life if great so far. Not having any problems with food or drink. My bloodwork looks good and It looks like I'm losing about 5 lbs a month...GO ME!!

**DECEMBER 24, 2001
206 - what's up with that? I'll take it, though!

**JANUARY 4, 2002
I'm pregnant. How's THAT for an update????? More later!

**FEBRUARY 5, 2002
Well, I'm 10.5 weeks pregnant and I'm down to 200 lbs. Before pg I was eating 2-3 meals per day with NO snacking. Now I'm eating 5-6 meals per day. And I've still lost 6 lbs. I've had morning/afternoon sickness, although I've only vomitted once. And I quit smoking because it makes me absolutely wretch. I can't even be in the same room with cigarette smoke any more. I;ve joined the OSSG-pregnant on-line group. It seems like a good bunch of ladies there and I hope I can gain some insight as to what I'm about to endure! Hopefully all will be fine and the peanut will be healthy and well. More later!!

**MARCH 6, 2002
15 weeks pregnant today. I feel okay. Peanut is moving. My weight is 198, but I figure I'll lose a few more pounds before I start to gain some. Nothing more to update except that my relationship is a mess. I have nowhere else to post this, so I'll just say that the next time I post I may be a pregnant single mom. GO ME!!

**APRIL 2, 2002
19 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Things are better (great, actually) in the relationship department. We've both conceded some points and things are progressing nicely. I'm at 200lbs now...I did get down to 197 a couple of weeks ago, but now am back up. No sweat. I'll freak out if I get heavier that about 210 - 215. Untill then, I'll just go with the flow. I am being BAD with regard to eating though. I've figured out that I can eat 12gms of sugar at one time without dumping. That would be ONE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ICE CREAM BAR which I've been going NUTS for. Daily. Not good. Anyway, that's about it. I have an ultrasound scheduled next week, so hopefully I'll find out if/that everything is okay and maybe even find out the sex! Will advise!

**APRIL 29, 2002
23 weeks pregnant. Things are fine. I found out at u/s that baby Carmen is a GIRL! She also has a cleft lip. That's not the most interesting part. My DS (3.5-yo) also has a cleft, but it repaired itself in utero and he came out with just the scar. I've spoken to genetic counselor and they believe that DSO and I may be carriers of a gene that together, produces a cleft. Strange, because neither of us has cleft-affected family members. Oh, well. Baby Carmen will still be perfect! By the way - this defect has NOTHING to do with WLS.

I'm down to 196 now. When I found out I was pregnant, I was 206. Not bad - losing weight while being pregnant.....nifty. That's all for now. Feel free to write if you have any questions about anything!

**JULY 31, 2002
Geez....I've been gone a while.... I'm back up to 200 - no big deal. That makes my total pregnancy loss about 6 lbs. It's weird to not gain any weight and watch your belly grow and feel heavy. I'm hoping that Baby Carmen won't be too small...I guess we'll find out in a few weeks. She has definitely grown in the last 4-5 weeks, though! I have an appt tomorrow. We should find out if Carmen is breech or not. She feels like she's sideways, but hopefully that won't mean she won't be head down by birth time. I'll update again soon!

**OCTOBER 16, 2002
I HAD A BABY!!!!!! On August 30th I had a baby girl. I have the funniest birth story, too. I had her 9 minutes after getting to the hospital. Anyway, baby is great and healthy. She was 21.5 inches long and weighed 8lbs 8ozs at birth. I guess my fears about having a low birth weight baby were unfounded (LOL!). During my pregnancy I started eating crap - sweets, etc. I can only eat a bit at a time, but I'd eat it slowly throughout the day. Well, after baby's birth, I'm still eating crap. Thank GOD I'm back at work now. Hopefully that'll help me not to eat so much junk. I must say, though...I LOOK MAHVELOUS!!! I'm wearing sizes 12 and 14 depending on the cut and I'm feeling really comfortable in my own skin. THAT was my goal. I didn't necessarily have a "goal weight" - my true goal was to just feel comfortable and good again. And I do. As far as I'm concerned, the surgery was a great success. I'm happy I did it. Would I do it again? Yup. I just hope I can maintain this weight (give or take a few pounds). It's all up to me now.

**DECEMER 26, 2002
Wow...I'm still at 175 and "holding". HOWEVER, I KNOW that if I keep eating crap and I don't start exercising, it's gonna come back!!!! This is SUCH a tool! When people say that, they're not kidding, folks! I've been eating too much and eating "bad" things and I can see a "pooch" starting to form.... It's all on me. I MUST make the right decisions. I really am in love with myself after all these years and I'm mouthfuls away from screwing this love affair all up. WHY?!!? I KNOW how to stop, why don't I?? Because I'm addicted, I guess... I'm making a New Years' resolution for the first time ever. It's to eat THREE times per day (not 4-5) and limit my "treats" to ONCE a week. I also must exerise CONSCIOUSLY (cleaning the bathtub does not count!) once a week. That oughta jump start this 'ole girl! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

**JULY 8, 2003
Yikes! It's been forevere since I've been here! Just livin'g life, I guess!! I'm at 160lbs and all is well, except for a HYPERthyroid...oh sure. Why could I get one of these when I was OBESE??? Anyway, besides that, my weight loss is stabilized. I eat several meals throughout the day still, but if I'm busy, I just don't eat. I do drink diet soda and water. I still do dump if I eat too much sugar or fat. I am really enjoying this life!!

**NOVEMBER 19, 2003
Still here. Still at about 160 - 165lbs. And LOVIN it!! I have nothing new to report. Feel free to e-mail me if you have ANY questions! *HUGS*

**JANUARY 13, 2004
I'm about 158 - 162lbs on any given day. HOLY MOLY!! I really need to send in a new picture! That pic is, like, 45-50 lbs ago! *LOL* In any event - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! What an absolutely crappy year 2003 was for me. Illness, loss of job, repossession...the only thing that didn't happen was a death in the family. SHEEESH. I am SO looking forward to some life PROGRESS this year!

**APRIL 6, 2004
Still hanging around's all good!!! I have nothing earth shattering to report. Just living life and enjoying this new health!

**MAY 5, 2004
I was just thinking....WOW, a couple more months 'til my THREE YEAR anniversary of WLS! It's amazing. I absolutely would recommend this surgery to anyone obese...I have had such success and I'm SO glad I did this. Living life is the best gift I have EVER given myself! We're going to move to TEXAS this summer! *YAY* I can't wait. We just need to get out of California and start LIVING. We want to buy a home and start to establish something so that we can leave something to our kids when we pass on. Here's hoping our move is successful and mostly stress-free!

**OCTOBER 12, 2004
Nothing new to report on weight loss, except, I wonder if I have acid reflux? Oh, and I moved to Houston! YEE-HAW!!!!!!

**JUNE 8, 2005
Well, well,'s been quite a while since I updated. Nothing much has changed. I'm enjoying maintaining this 160lbs. Although I still think I may have an u;cer. No one has been able to confirm or deny that I have one, but I just think I probably do. We're loving Texas and we are right on target to buy at our one year here mark...that means THIS MONTH!!! Thanks for reading and feel free to e-mail me any time at [email protected]

**OCTOBER 14, 2005
Nothing new. Still happy woth the loss. Still living life. Having WAY more excellent sex. Life is GREAT!

**MARCH 8, 2006
LALALALALALALA! Still hanging tough! 160 lbs and happy with my "normal" weight and my lifestyle. I will try to find a true BEFORE's quite shocking to look at now that I've been at 160lbs for several years. Later bitches!!

**JULY 18, 2006
FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! Who loves ya baby????
Got questions? E-MAIL ME! I'm available to answer questions.

**MAY 7, 2007
HOLY SHITBALLS!! It's been almost a year since I updated. For shame, for shame. I'm still at ~165 and I still have no issues. I have a friend who is having surgery tomorrow - GO CAREY!!!! No, not me. Her name is Carey, also. Alright, well, nothing else to report. Just living life and all that. Word. 

**JUNE 24, 2008
I'm SO bad!  Another year gone by.  All is well with me, except I think I have an incisional hernia.  Oh, and I want new boobies.  I'll check in if I have surgery.  Still between 160 and 165!

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