I hit 199.8!

Sep 25, 2009

I'm so excited.  I'm not at my 4 month yet (although close) and I am in the 190's!  It's so amazing!  I truly am very happy with my decision to have the WLS.  Last night I was actually dancing with my boys in the living room and didn't get tired!  What a great feeling!  I have upped my exercise and am doing the rail trail.  Wed I did 3 miles!  Although it took about an hour and I only have 1/2 for lunch, so I had to scale back.  So, I do shorter, but more often.  I love the rail trail, it has markers, so I know how far I have gone.  I started by just doing small laps around the building, but now am doing full fledged walks.  What a freeing feeling to not be trapped by my body!  I still want sweet occasionally and will let myself have little bits, but it's not a daily thing, and definitely not much.  At first I really missed the food.  I now can eat most thing, but not much.  I can even have pizza as long as it's thin crust and I get ham, or something with protein on top. 

On a different note, my husband and I have been less cranky at each other.  I think my overall attitude has changed.  I never thought it was bad before, but I demanded allot from him (like housecleaning) because I couldn't do much of it for a long time without being tired.  I am now doing allot more of it, just because I want to, and I think it's taking allot of the stress off us.  I am a neat freak and want my house immaculate, although I've come to grips with my children being 2 and 4 and that not being realistic.  Oh well.  Another big change is me actually doing more with the kids.  I venture out of the house with them by myself more.  Part of it is because there older, but part is because they don't wear me down as quick.  I should mention my husband works 5 ten hour days and 1/2 day on Sat, so he's not around much anyways.  That means when he is here, he picks up the slack from me being tired.  I couldn't imagine if both of us were big! 

OK, that's it for now.  I had a chance to spill my guts and also be happy!  I plan on keep getting smaller and want to stay that way!  What a better life!


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