The Happening

Dec 18, 2010

Ok... here we go.  It's Saturday, December 18, 2010.  I'm going into the hospital this Monday afternoon for revision.  Dr. Prickett is going to attempt an anastomosis of the stapled area... barring that, he will do an RNY Bypass.  Strange that I don't feel much one way or another about the surgery.  I'm nervous, for sure... but that's normal with any surgery.  I dread the pain... it's has to be invasive since my last surgery was.  Too much scar tissue in the way.
It's silly, but I think the worst part will be not eating or drinking ANYTHING from midnight on Sunday night.  What... no Pepsi.. no juice, no water... they don't know me very well, do they? 
I think I will take my computer with me so I can update how I'm feeling.  Provided I feel well enough to even bother.  I just hope I can make myself get up out of that bed and walk.  I know how important that is... but I also know how bad the pain is going to be.   And I know they will take away my morphine pump after the second day post-op... meanies.
So, hopefully and prayerfully, I will be back in a few days with an update.  If you read this prior to my surgery date, please pray for me.  Thanks.
God Bless to everyone of us going through with the WLS battle.
~~ Maggie

Day One... Sort Of...

Dec 05, 2010

Found this site after finally seeing a bariatric surgeon for possibly revisioin on Vertical Banded Gastroplasty.  My first post here didn't get many responses... I think I posted in the wrong area.. .general forum.  Found the Revision Forum and posted here:

It gives basically my life story and what I'm up against.  Just finished posting today.  Hoping to here from bariatric surgeon today and get a surgery date.  Not really worried.  I put it all in God's hands.  My family is panicking, though.  Oh, not hubby and my two girls (aged 14 and 9).  We are very religious and give it all over to God.  My extended family is religious, too, but they always tend to look at the dark side of life before they see the beauty around them.  It doesn't really bother me much anymore, only that hubby is retiring from the Air Force in February and we will probably be moving back to their area.  I love them dearly but really wish they weren't so pessimistic about all things. I've battled depression most of my life (maybe a side-effect from my upbringing?) and really don't need or want that much negativeness (is that a word?) around me.

I'm generally a very upbeat person.  I love my meds... except for the acid reflux candy that I live on now.  That should change after my revision.  My meds keep me sane and happy with making me complacent (or too much anyway).  I'm calling my psych dr today to see if he can squeeze me in so I can tell him what's going on and see if we might have to change meds after surgery.

Right now, I'm just hungry and want to eat something.  No, not really hungry.  I just know I probably need to eat something.  I just don't want to run to the bathroom again.  I should be used to it by now but it's a pain you-know-where and nothing tastes as good the second time around.  Yuck !!  You didn't need to here that, did you?  Sawy...

The sun is coming up now.  I don't sleep much.  Went to bed .. or to sleep... around nine last night.. woke up at 3:30.  The usual for me.  It's usually the GERD that wakes me up.  Nothing like the taste and burn of stomach acid.   It's 7:05am... will wait semi-patiently to hear from surgeons office today for (hopefully) scheduled surgery date.  Can't wait much longer.  I'm sick of chicken noodle soup broth.  Broke down yesterday  and ate (chewed until it was gone) a few tiny bites of spaghetti and then hubbly's taco salad.  The latter didn't want to work but I just suffered and sipped on liquids until it had no choice.  Man, that hurt.  Don't care.  Finally went down after about an hour.  Awww... some nourishment at last.

If surgery isn't soon I'm thinking I might try some of hubby's protein shakes.  He drinks them for breakfast... always.  I, personally, would rather shovel cow poop at noon in August, but I shall do what must be done I suppose.  Better than the alternative.. which is passing out from malnourishment. 

Ok, enough Whine and cheese for now.  Talk at'cha later.  Hopefully with good news.  Well, with a surgery date anyway. ; p



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