Friends visited and we went scuba diving on Christmas Day. Caught one lobster. Had a lot of fun. Been having a lot of stomach problems for a while and been on
Protonix and Carafate. Just got added Iron pills and Potassium plus need to take my Vitamin B12 shot every 2 weeks.

Went Camping, 4 wheeling and college football game with friends. We had a fantastic time away and lots of fun. No kidney stones and not on Vitamin D pills.
Doing fine. Keeping busy and figured I will wait to see a urologist until I have more
problems. I would not recommend Dr. Paul Kahn who is into himself and does not answer questions when asked, does not appologize when put a person through a procedure that did not need to be done. You wait 2 hours to see the doctor for less then 5 minutes. I am going to find a better Urologist who cares about his patient.

Went to Urologist and found out after a procedure to remove the stent the doctor never placed a stent in my ureter. That is the reason why I had so much pain after my procedure. I never had a stent placed when advised at an Outpatient Surgical Center. Even my Urologist do not no until he read his notes after doing a procedure on me. Have to redue a 24 hour urine related to low amount in 24 hours and not enough citrates in urine is the reason I am having stones.
1 Year after my surgery. I do not have regrets but, wish I would not have had so many problems.
Did a 24 hour urine collection to find out reason for kidney stones. Still having stomach problems but, something I have to deal with daily. Graphical tongue changes frequently from one side to the other to both sides.
Weight 184
Feeling much better since receiving the stent other then feeling tired easily. Vomiting one time a day and varies in the time of day. Not sure the reason why.
See the Urologist Friday for a recheck. Epigastric pain on occasion.

Stent placed in my right ureter related to kidney stone and had laser done. Awaken with severe pain/spasm with continuous vomiting. Was at a outpatient Surgical Center that wanted to push people out then deal with a problem. I ended up going to an Emergency Room related to the problem. Was given additional pain and nausea medication with relief. Sleep an hour and was able to go home with minimal discomfort.
Seen by Urologist per his request related to stone and flank pain.
Had to go to ER related to flank pain and unable to pass stone. Received wonderful treatment and care.
Saw a Urologist and he ordered for me to have a renal ultrasound and CT of abdomen and pelvis. I personally think I need to get an abdominal binder to give me abdominal support. Frequent abdominal pain is worse then the flank pain.
Seen my primary doctor and GI doctor which feel I have a couple abdominal hernia. Saw my Bariatric doctor and he ordered a CT to verify if I have any hernia's. Was having blood in my urine and did not say anything to my bariatric doctor. Placed back on Vitamin D related to level low. Protein the same.
I had a kidney stone. Awake in the morning with left flank pain. Thank goodness to having a friend who is a physician and friend with pain, vomiting medicine. This helped me get through the day.
Frequently develop abdominal pain/spasms that last for hours at a time. I use ice to help decrease the pain and spasm. Feels like someone squeezing my insides and hurts like hell. Severe pain with any movement and if I stay still I do better.

Weight 195
I have been scuba diving a lot lately. Start my new job on the 19th and get back into the work force which is going to be great. Still having problems eating protein. CHO hold my stomach better without pain. Had an iron transfusion.
Stomach pains off and on. Back on medications. That is how life goes. The Hospital I have been working is closing related to Holy Cross buying the facility. Now I have been job searching since 4/1/08. NO stress .
I feel like I am toning areas on my body then loosing at this time which is a ok. I have been active as before but, have more energy. I do not tire as easy and it feels good to have less weight to carry daily. Been scuba diving or kayak diving plus work. There are times my stomach hurts but life goes on.
I took my new kayak out for the first time with my dog Sadie. We had a blast and a great time. I felt this is a great way to build arm muscles and strengthen my overall body. We went out in the intercostal for 1 hours. My stomach is doing better and some days are better then others. Vomited once last week which is great compared to the past months and etc....
Some days are better then others. I have days that anything I eat comes back up and other days food stays down. Still having problems drinking protein shakes to keep down. Drink propel to keep by electrolyte with in normal limits. Time will tell as my ulcer heals. I am down to size 18 from 24 in clothing. It is nice to wear a smaller size in clothing. Scuba diving as much as possible for exercise and strengthening. My wet suit is getting loose and eventually will have to get a small wet suit.
Weight 213
Having problems keeping protein product down. Able to tolerate mac and chesse, plan mash potatoes. Acidity stomach which is no fun. Taking medication as prescribed. I am sure it is going to get better. Tolerate liquids but, not liquid protein shakes.
DX with a stomach ulcer by EGD today. Over the past week I was unable to keep food intake. Able to tolerate fluid. Propel my best friend.
Weight 220
Tired of having epigastric burning and nausea but life goes on.
Amazing when I look in a mirror and she the changes in my body. Areas that need muscle strengthening and the location of the weight loss. I feel I have more energy and longer stamina to exercise. Went diving, using less weight to scuba dive which is a great feeling. Even when on shore dives it is less of a load to carry my gear from the ocean. I feel I took the best option to have the surgery to feel better, improve my overall well being and health. Still working on protein intake with some days better then others. I am going down the scale slowly which I feel is better then loosing real fast. 
Learning more about myself and building myself confidence. Starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin. My uniforms for work are loose. Clothing size dropping slowly. Will do my body measurements the first week of January to compare and what to strive for in 2008.
Went shore diving yesterday and today went on a boat. The currents were swift and had to pull myself to the wreck which was a great exercise on the first dive, the second dive the current went to the south and did not work as hard but, had a great time diving. Great workout for the last two days.
Doing ball exercises daily and eventually will join the gym to increase my strength and tone up my muscles. Continue to walk daily. Food digestion varies from day to day. Some days everything stays down other days nothing will stay down. The worst part is burning in the stomach and esophagus when I do not take medication for decreasing gastric acids. Hope this will improve as time allows.
Weight 225
Went scuba diving Oakland Park area and had a blast. Underwater over 1 hours and got a lot of photos. Felt good to be in the ocean.
Weight 228
Working extra hours and doing well. I am having problems with protein shake intake related to nausea when drinking shakes. 
Weight 230
Two tank dive was great off a dive boat. Had a great time diving with new friends.
Went scuba diving solo on two dives and later in the evening my friends and I went scuba diving. We had a blast and saw many different marine life. I took photo's and video of my dive. Feel down twice getting out of the water related to rubber legs and tide was out.
Weight 233
First day back to work and felt great. My uniforms are loose on me but, am not going to buy new uniforms till my pants need suspenders.
Went scuba diving for the first time. Diving went well till 1.5 hours later and developed severe muscle pain. Used muscle I had not used in a while. Stayed at a friends home till felt better.
Returned to Florida Had a good time in Iowa. Went to a hockey and football game. It was great to see family and friends. Intake better with good and bad days. Had to buy a smaller pair of jeans to wear when going to games related to waist falling off problem.
Took a plan trip to visit family in Iowa. I had a great time playing with my nephew. I had days that nothing stayed down and others with no problem. Having problems keeping protein shakes down.
Went to dive convention. Stayed with my friend Malissa that had the same surgery 5 years ago. She and her mother help me learn to eat slower. I am learning new skills. I work in the Emergency Room with am alway on the go with little time to eat and most people eat quick and fast.
Tolerate being active for 6 hours and exhausted after. Rest for 2 hours.
Good day one emesis and felt good most of the day. Restless in inner body feeling.
Pretty good day. Vomit x2.
Felt stronger today and vomit 2x's which is better then 6-10 per day. Seems like the new medication is helping. I am pleased that things are staying down when only eat a little amount as advised.
Pretty good day with one emesis. Better than any of my past days. Got out of the apartment for a few hours.
Awaken feeling better today. Decreased vomiting.
Saw my surgeon. He advised, I am going to have to live with the reflux until down 100 pound. Who is he kidding? I got different medication Protonix and Reglan. Hope they help and waiting for new antifungal medication related to yeast in mouth and probably down stomach. This is no nothing I wish upon anyone to have happen.
Had blood drawn. 10 minutes later was not feeling well. Felt dizzy, BP up. Laid down in vehicle and then drove home. Weak and not feeling well all day. My stomach feels like it is burning, with churning movement. Still vomiting.
Tolerated soup and a spoon of yoplait. Still not up stuff. Still have yeast infection in my mouth. What a joy to have a white tongue.
Want to feel better. Rest all day. No enough energy to walk a distance. Still vomit all my protein products. Chills/hot feeling most the day. Use a hat to keep the heat in when chilling. Tired of vomiting. Diarrhea again.
Went to ER. Potassium low and received 3 liters of IV fluid. Felt better after f;uid but, still vomiting everytime I eat anything.
Had UGI in late afternoon, found out I have reflux. The pouch looks good and no leakage which is great. No wonder I feel like crap and have a problem keeping protein down. Driving home vomited and unable to keep any protein down. I want to feel better and tired of feeling bad.
Friend called and went to casino. Was good for me. Lasted a couple hours before feeling bad again.
Seen the doctor. Say's I look good. Well I don't feel good. Tired of nausea, vomiting and abdominal spasms.
Slept a lot today related to not feeling well. Got have of my protein intake and all my fluids. No emesis, Yeah!!!!!! Did not walk today related to slept a lot. Pain variable.
Walked 2 miles. Pain in LUQ of abdomen infrequently. Cancelled flight for home. Still vomit when eat protein. This is not a fun think to do everyday. I am sure my potassium has dropped. Go see the doctor Wednesday. I have a great fear to go to any hospital ER to be seen. I do not want to be hospitalized again. Once was enough for me to experience.
Rough day. Got my fluid intake. Diarrhea and vomit x2 with nothing to vomit. Got the chills while in the shower and then LUQ pain. Unsure if I pulled a muscle or something? I pray that Monday is going to be a better day.
Weight 245
Good day. I got my fluid intake. Still working on my protein shakes and food. I taught a student the classroom part of open water diving and in the near future when cleared to get back in the water. I will get my student certified. I can't wait to get back into the ocean and scuba dive. Scuba diving is relaxing and great exercise. you use different muscle then lifting weights and etc.... My feet are getting real dry and the shower doesn't cut the rug to diving.
Saw my infectious disease doctor. No new orders. Able to tolerate one egg this am. Walked 1.5 miles. Still weak and get exhausted easily. Working on increasing my fluid intake to 64oz which is difficult and going to try a protein shake today and see how I tolerate.
Slept better after taking a pain pill and Benadryl. Progressing slowly. I went walking several blocks today ended up to be 1 mile. Felt great to be able to walk outdoors and my dog accompanied me. Still not tolerating protein.
Emailed surgeon nurse since medication was to be called in yesterday.  Antifungal medication finally ordered today. Tired of feeling weak and want to feel better. Need to drink more but, nothing taste good and it is hard to drink when not feeling good. Continue to have nightmares every night. attemped to have protein but, vomited it back up this a.m. I want to feel better and tired of being vomiting, unable to keep protein down.
Called surgeons regard to oral candidasis. Uvula is still swollen but, like after surgery. Need antifungal agent before the problem gets worse. Not tolerating protein or drinking as much as I can as should.
Tongue white and brushed my tongue enough it will not turn pink. Still on antibiotics. Foul mouth odor and tongue sore. Exercised not feel good all day. Not drinking enough. Was able to tolerate a little protein and vomited later.
Not a good day. Exercised anyway to build strength. Feel like I am loosing muscle tone and turning into flab! Need to drink more.
A better day and able to tolerate a piece of protein. Zofran is helping nausea.
Exercise daily. 

Little set back. Unable to tolerate protein products and back to,liquids. I feel is related to me taking antibiotics. Dr. is having my stop the Flagyl but, continue with my Vancomicin. Flagyl makes a person feel extremely nauseated. Taking Zofran when extremely nauseated. Incisional wounds healing with no signs of infection.
Good day but, weak and doesn't take long before I have to rest. Nauseated easily. The odor or if someone talks about food makes me sick. Still vomiting when try any protein.
Saw my surgeon and all is well. Sutures out!
Weight 248 at the surgeons office.
Saw my therapist and things are looking good. Did an errand and home to bed, weak and tired. Later in the day is better. Need to do more, if it would stop raining outdoors would help other wise I will have to go to the mall. Wounds slowly healing.
better day. Fell like I am gaining strength.
Decided it is best to get up in the morning, have a shake, shower and back to bed for a couple hours. Later in the day I do a lot better. Vomit times one after ate my chicken, will have to eat a little slower and see how things digest. 
Weight 254
Awaken feeling weak and heart beats fast when I go walking. Vomit once after eating my chicken but, felt better a half hour later. Constant diarrhea, thanks to the antibiotic.
Discharged from the hospital. The best feeling in the world to be home with my dog. I can rest, relax and gain strength. Going to be on one antibiotic 10 days and another for 3 weeks. Draining from my left lower incisional wound, dressing changed daily.
Weight 258
Thank goodness to be transferred to the floor. The staff is excellent in my care received daily. Ended up with a PICC line related to infection and my veins did not want to cooperate. PICC line removed on discharge.
Surgery day. I went into surgery and the surgery lastest 6 hours related to prior abominal surgeries I have had. I awaken with my uvula in my mouth swollen and it made me gage and hard to swallow. Staff in ICU were the worst. I have ever experienced poor patient care. No bed side manner! They would rather have you intubated and not able to talk. They would not listen to a person when they express the pain is worst. 
Weight 272
Preop teaching done at hospital. Had blood drawn with type and screen. Now, I have an arm bracelet on to identify who I am. Now I can remember my name in case I forget. I can just look at my wrist "oh yeah that's my name". Nerves are working on me for the past week and not sleeping well. I am nervous, anxius and excited all in one. Monday is the big day.
The date is near and preparing for the new adventure of life. My last days of diving by coordinating Project Aware off Lauderdale By The Sea on Saturday. Clean up the garbage and debrid in the ocean. Saturday is going to be a lot of fun with a variety of divers and snorkelers. Cleaning the ocean for our marine life and environment to enjoy. Last days before my feet and gill start drying out till able to return to scuba diving.
The surgery date is getting closer. I am nervous and excited.
I have always been heavy all my life. I am active in sports events and a hard worker. After many years of weigh problems. I have finally decided it is time to feel better about myself and to eliminate the health problems that have occurred related to weight gain. I am going to have surgery on September 17th, 2007. 
I am nervous and worried about the procedure being done. Feel it is the best thing I can do for myself.

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