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That is the hospital where my surgery will be performed. (Click to enlarge)

My story starts out like a lot of others. I was heavy all throughout school. On the playground, I was always the kid who couldn't run as fast as the others. On field day I couldn't compete in the big races so I always ended up being on the tug-o-war team. I was constantly squeezed into a one-size-fits-all desk. I was humiliated by other kids. The list goes on and on. And well, I've grown up, and I laugh at those things now, but I still face metaphorical 'hurdles' everyday in life that are brought-on by my weight.

Everything from finding clothes that fit, the seatbelt being too tight, the knee pain I have from climbing stairs, I'm tired of it all and I want another chance. That's why I feel like weight loss surgery is my best option.

A co-worker asked me, "Well why don't you try to diet some more?"

Let me tell you right now. I HATE THAT QUESTION! I feel like small people have no clue how hard it is to lose this weight. I've tried almost every diet I know that's affordable, and I feel like I'm wasting valuable years of my youth in doing that.

So I replied to her by saying, "It's like this. If you decided tomorrow to go to California, would you ride your bike or would you fly in a jet plane?"

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Amy Lee of Evanescence [ Click to Enlarge ]

Chicago, October 2006, I was there!

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