Peace Out!

Nov 03, 2007

I haven't been around Obesity Help in a while. Things in my life are constantly changing, and I am thankful for all of the friendships I've formed through this board, but sometimes OH just isn't a comfortable place for me anymore. It seems everyone is losing much quicker than I am, so its discouraging. I applaud everyone that has met goal or is making big strides to meet goal. You rock.

Thank you to the veteran ladies on the Kentucky board and the January 2007 board. You all are great! If you need to find me, contact me here: [email protected]

Life is Good! (8 months post-op)

Sep 30, 2007

I have really neglected this journal, and for that I should be whipped, but what can I say? I've been so busy since I've lost this weight. I no longer feel the need to hide in my house. I have gone places with work and now school that I never thought would be possible.

My life has truly begun.

Eating is not difficult for me anymore. I can eat pretty much anything, and that gets me in trouble. I do feel like some of my old habits are trying to creep back, but I'm dealing. It's not easy, but I deal. My weight loss is going very slowly, but it's still going, and that's what's important. Hopefully when I get this whole routine figured out, then I can start being better prepared for life on the road. lol

By life on the road I mean that I am just constantly driving back and forth to Somerset. Lately it's been 4 out of 5 days per week. It's not a huge drive, but it's an hour and 10 minutes, which equates to me not being able to go home for lunch. I just have to learn to keep protein snacks handy so that I don't rely on quickie marts for food.

I will manage! Life is good.

This is a little outdated!

Aug 09, 2007

Well, the most recent update I have is, I've lost about 128 lbs so far! And this is long overdue:

Anyone that wants their own century club card with their own name on it can email me at [email protected] =)

3 Months

Apr 23, 2007

Here's my latest update.

Life is good. It seems like everyday I have little "wow" moments that keep me inspired. I'm down to something like 330 lbs... I don't know exactly since my scale is not working at home. I'll have to weigh-in on the freight scale at work today and update about it later.

I do have a lot of trouble eating meats. Most any meat that tastes good going down, unfortunately, comes back up. Last night it was chicken from Sonny's BBQ. Last week it was pot roast from a crock pot. I chew it all up well, but about a half-hour afterwards, I always end up puking. (I know, TMI.)

I can't wear hardly any of my old clothes, so I've been giving them away via the Clothing Exchange & Ebay. Which, while we're on that subject, I must say---I hate the trolls that hog clothes in the Clothing Exchange. They probably get those items and resell them in consignment stores or something. Ridiculoso.

But enough about that. I am getting ready for work right now, and I must quit procrastinating. =]

Updated list of Goals

Apr 04, 2007

I've accomplished a few things on my list of "Goals" that I created in December 2006. I just thought I'd share what I've accomplished so far. The thing's I've done are in RED.

• Learning to play guitar (Bass, even) w/o looking like a total reject
• Going to more concerts
• Taking my best friend's little girl to the zoo & aquarium
• Wearing a pretty pair of shoes (like these)
• Riding roller coasters with my husband
• Meeting my husband's co-workers. (Yeah, he's worked there 2 years, and I've been afraid to introduce myself b/c I worry about what they'll think!)
• Going back to school
• Walking around a mall for hours with my sister
• Having the confidence to work towards a promotion
• Buying a house & moving into it
• Decorating said house with energy!
• Buying a new wardrobe in a much smaller size (SOMEWHAT)
• Volunteering with a non-profit organization in my community!

What's been going on... Over 2 months out now!

Apr 01, 2007

Thanks to the new "leash on life" that having this surgery has given me, I decided to go back to school this fall to pursue some formal training in this graphic arts stuff! I'm going to go 2 years here at SCC (Laurel campus). I simply can't put this off any longer. I'm 23 now! I feel like if I don't go back to school, it will take 10x the effort (and time) to advance another step in my career.

So I asked my boss about this friday. I asked if he would be willing to work with me as far as my hours are concerned, and he was 100% supportive. He said he will be as flexible as he can be, and he would even go as far as to write a letter to our corporate office asking for tuition assistance. (Which they've been known to do.) So it may mean that I'll have to work weekends or nights occasionally to get things done, but I'm so excited about it all, and my husband is happy for me too.

As far as my health goes, I still feel great. Nothing much has changed. I was losing pretty rapidly for a while, but over this past week, I've slowed down. I only got to go to Curves twice last week and once this week, too, so maybe that has something to do with it? Next week shall be different, if my schedule allows. I need to get in at least 3 visits per week.

Guess what...

Mar 19, 2007

350 lbs baby!

That means I've lost 60 lbs since surgery.
Altogether, including pre-op diet, 72 lbs!

Dr. Steiner was happy with me. :)

7 weeks 2 days post-op!

Mar 18, 2007

I am craving fresh fruits and veggies so much right now. I'd love to just sit down and have 5-7 sweet green grapes or a few pieces of lettuce with hidden valley ranch. Mmmm. I can't have those things until Friday, as my doctor won't allow it until I'm 2 months out. Tomorrow at 1:45 is my 2nd post-op check up. I can't wait to hear what Dr. Steiner has to say and see what my grand total loss is! I will post results tomorrow evening and maybe even pictures if I can remember.

Misery Month

Mar 09, 2007

I think I have entered what my nutritionist refers to as "Misery Month." For the first time since surgery, I actually vomitted my lunch back up yesterday. I was at work, and I immediately took a Phenergan, which made me very drowsy, so I went home, and I slept the entire evening!

This morning I woke up at 6-something a.m., then I realized I'd slept all night. Oops. That means I missed my vitamins last night. I hate when I do that. I immediately started taking my morning vitamins to get those into my system, and then I tried to eat a few bites of cottage cheese. That didn't want to stay down, but I reclined back on the couch and just waited for the nausea to pass.

I hope that this Misery Month stuff doesn't get too bad, because I really thought I was on the right track. I've been really lucky with everything so far. So maybe this won't last too long.

Yesterday was my first work-out at Curves! I loved it. When I got there, there were 3 other ladies working out, but by the time I started working out they'd left, which was kinda good, because I felt ridiculous to start with on some of those machines. About the first time around, I thought "Man, this isn't working. I'm not feeling the burn!" But then it caught up to me on the second round. Overall, I think it will be very helpful. It's fun and it's not tooo much at this point. It's just right. I recommend it for any ladies wanting to start some kind of fitness regimen. My next visit is Monday at 6pm.

1.5 Months Update

Mar 07, 2007

Here's what's been going on in my life since my last update. I have been feeling better with every day that passes, but unfortunately my weight seems to be plateau'd and the scale won't budge.

Yesterday I joined Curves to start working out, and tomorrow (Friday) will be my first official work-out. According to their scales I am 358 lbs. That makes my total weight loss at 52 lbs since surgery, unless their scales are wrong, because mine at home always reads approximately 365 lbs. I hate plateaus!

Work is good. Life is good. I get compliments everyday about how good I look. I am able to do a lot of things I couldn't do before due to back pain. Things that a lot of people take for granted, like shopping, walking outside, visiting friends without being grumpy about my back, etc. This surgery has been a blessing!

I will post tomorrow about how Curves goes.

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