July 24th

Jul 26, 2008

Will took me to my appt with Dr. Armstrong.  He is my main physician and internist.  I talked with regarding my decision for surgery and his role with helping me maintain health and life after surgery.  He put me on the biggest pills (Metformin HCI 1000mg) on earth for my diabetes.  Just to get a hold on whether pills will suffice or what the next step should be.  My sugar levels where elevated but still well below the panick stage.  He also changed my Blood Pressure meds from Diovan 60 mg to Diovan HCT 120 mg + 12.5 mg dieurtic.  I am finding that I have to take my vitamins and meds early in the morning or I will be running back and forth to the restroom in the middle of the night.  I go back to in 1 month to see how I am handling the changes in diet, meds and new stress levels.

4th of July

Jul 04, 2008

A small update on some things that I have noted due to being sick.  I got the results of my MMPI and bloodwork back.  I have been label in the Normal rage of sanity.  According to my boyfriend, that is not saying much..!  I have been diagnosed withdiabetes, low on vitamin B12 and thiamine.  I am to take at least 500 mcg of sublingual B12 and add a multivitamin with more thiamine.  I was thinking about taking a prenatal vitamin as they have more than what my body needs and then at the B12 the dr's office suggested.  

I have a sleep study scheduled for 07/08

FWLS Appointment

Jun 03, 2008

Yesterday was my first appointment with FWLS.  I have 6 months til my surgery.  It feels like a long way off.  I am taking this time to lose weight, resesearch life after surgery and making excersize a natural way of life.  Not..just a chore!

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